Youth Pride Sunday, Apr 30 2006 

This weekend was youth pride and alternative prom. More photos to come!

Have You Ever Saturday, Apr 22 2006 

Today is Blog Against Heteronormativity Day so this is going to be a brief interruption in the knitting posts.

I was trying to think about the best way to blog against heternormativity on this blog. At first I wasn’t going to. This isn’t my livejournal, which is more personal, and people connected to my job read this blog.

Then I realized–that’s a perfect example of heteronormativity. I’m scared to blog something that might indicate I’m gay (for those of you wondering–I am) because someone I know might read it.

I can’t imagine a straight blogger ever facing that decision.

So, what exactly is heternormativity?

Think about this:

Have you ever:
–been afraid to hug your friends because they might think you are hitting on them?
–been afraid to mention your crush because people will think you’re shoving your sexuality in their face?
–wondered if it’s safe to hold hands with your significant other?
–lied about what you did over the weekend because you’re afraid you might be fired if your boss found out you were gay?
–had someone cross the street to get away from you?
–been afraid to ask someone out because you don’t know their sexual orientation and are afraid they will become offended, or even violent?
–been told you are deviant and consider yourself lucky you aren’t being lynched?
–been told by the US government that you are not worthy of marriage?
–had your family refer to your partner as your ‘friend’ or ‘roommate’?

If not, then guess what? You’re probably straight.

Have I had all of those things happen to me? No. Not the last two–yet. I haven’t been in a serious enough relationship for those two to happen.

The point of the post is this: if you’re reading this I ask you to do one thing. It’s small, it’s easy, and it doesn’t even cost anything.

For one day–just one day–I want you to think about what it would be like. To be conscious of all the little things that you do, all the times you mention your significant other, of every time you interact with them in public, of all the recognition your relationship gets without you having to ask for it.

Then imagine what it would be like if it all went away.

KNITTY! Tuesday, Apr 11 2006 

First of all, I apologize for the lack of posts. School and job hunting have been kicking my butt, so…yeah. Less with the knitting. Sadly.

However…the new Knitty is up! So it’s time for my pattern review.

Mesilla: I’m on the fence. At first I was like–oh god now. But now I’m like, well, hmm. I expect at some point it will move to Must. Knit. Now.

Anatolia: No. Too busy, too old.

Ungranny Smith: See above. What the hell happened to the young, cute, fun Knitty?

T Twist: Cute, but totally unsuited for my body type.

Jamesey: I..don’t knit for guys. Except my father and…no. If I knew any tall, thin guys in need of a sweater, maybe.

Jardin Anglais: Too busy. Too big. Too….something. Don’t ask me what, but definitely no.

Exchequered: Kinda cool, not my style.

Tendrils: Eh. Not horrible, not great. I agree with the comments I’ve seen that it looks a lot like Clapotis.

Nagano Sakura: Adorable and funky. Must knit.

Convertible: Looks…odd.

Topi: Cute, but Mary has a similar design that is, in my opinion, way cuter.

Reid: If I had a child, they’d so totally wear that.

Double Scoop: Cute? I guess? What do I know from kids clothes?

Pedicure Socks: Strikes me as silly, but then I’ve never had a pedicure in my life, so…take from that what you will.

Hedera: Aside from the fact that it took me five minutes of trying to figure out what the hell it was from the first pic, love it. Definitely going on my list, perhaps to use up one of the two random sock yarns I have lying about.

Nautie: I’ve not been much for knitted toys and such. Cute, but..what do you do with it?

Overall, I was really underwhelmed by this issue. One of the things I’ve liked about Knitty is that the patterns are usually younger, funner patterns. And this issue definitely didn’t deliver that for me–it seemed skewed towards what I would consider older styles and of course kids stuff.

Not that I have anything against either of those, but the general perception of a lot of pattern companies seems to be that knitters are either older or knitting for children. And for those of us who are young and don’t have kids, it can be frustrating to try and find styles that we’d actually wear.

I’m still looking foward to the Summer Knitty, though!

And Party Every Day! Monday, Apr 3 2006 

There wasn’t much knitting going on this weekend.

Friday night, I went to Guerilla Queer Bar at McFaddens with Mary, who just turned 21.

Weren’t we cute?

There was music and dancing and fun times. We did determine that going out to bars is best accomplished with 3 or more people. Because with only 2 people you run into the problems of a) looking couple-y or b) not wanting to abandon your friend to hit on the cute girl/guy/whoever you like.

Now we just have to find some other friends who are 21.

So they can look silly and drunk, just like us: Then Saturday I went to see the Cherry Blossoms on the National Mall. With Mary, Heather, and Kasey, knitters all! But did we take knitting? No.

So much fun but TONS of tourists.

I really hate tourists.

Sunday, I did do some knitting but no pictures yet. I’ve made some massive revisions to the Calleigh tank, and I also swatched and began the Jenny skirt. Posts and pics on those soon, I promise.

I DO have a picture of my latest FO, though! It’s the Lace Trim Bolero from the Spring/Summer 2005 Vogue Knitting.

I didn’t do the finishing as nicely as I might have liked, but it turned out pretty nicely. Don’t you think?


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