Pretty Pictures Wednesday, Jun 28 2006 

I got the yarn for Icarus in the mail, and just in time. I’m approaching the end of chart four. I’m barely going to use any of the new yarn, so I’ll still have most of a cone…maybe I’ll make some lacey scarves with the rest?

Anyhow, not much to say…so I give you more pictures.

They are not, sadly, of my knitting. But they are cute!

Mary stayed with me for a while, and while she was here she finished knitting Orangina.

So, what did we do? We drank mojitos and took pictures!

Here are some of her and her pretty top:

The fashion model pose!

Isn’t she cute? And so is the top!

Ok, I’m off to watch Pirates of the Carribean now.

Finished Object Friday, Jun 23 2006 

There isn’t much actual knitting content to post since yesterday. I spent most of Thursday and today (so far) going on a job interview and working frantically to finish my application for the Walt Disney/ABC Entertainment writing fellowship. I mailed it off this morning and now have to convince myself not to think of it until December (when they notify winners).

On the other hand, it has kicked my butt back into screenwriting gear. Which is good, because I need to actually start sending stuff out. And, you know, finishing it.

On the knitting front, my mother finally (two days after I called her in a panic) bought the yarn I need to finish Icarus. She says she’ll mail it tomorrow.

I love my mother, but she really doesn’t understand knitting urgency.

And now, in lieu of actual knitting news, I give you photos of a finished object:

It’s based on the Anthropologie Inspired Capelet pattern on Craftster. It’s knit in some yarn I got from the dollar spot at Target a year ago, on size US5 needles.

It was a pretty quick knit. I really like it. It’s the first time I’ve done a top down raglan construction, and I was greatly amused.

And now I am off to shower/collapse/eat/knit. And watch some L-Word (finally watching my tape with the rest of season 3) and wonder why no one else seems to think Carmen is crazy.

Wine and Pickles Thursday, Jun 22 2006 

Last night Mary and I went to Knit Happens. We met some really cool knitters, and there was wine. And pickles.

I made some more progress on Icarus, and realized that no, I do not have enough yarn on this cone. *growl* So, I’m having my mother send me another one.

I orignially bought the yarn at Maryland Sheep and Wool, but it’s also sold at Earth Guild. Which, luckily for me, is in my parents town! They do have online shipping, but this way I don’t have to pay shipping…or at all, actually. I love my Mommy.

I’ve also attempted to put a fuschia streak in my hair. So far, it appears I may have moderate success. I can’t tell because my hair is wet and so just looks dark all over. I may have to go buy another box of dye and go over it again this afternoon, for maximum fuschia.

I should probably mention, I also have a job interview today. Oops. Oh well. It’s a subtle color and at this point? I haven’t had any luck with interviews anyway.

More Icarus Wednesday, Jun 21 2006 

So, no pictures because right now Icarus just looks like a big purple blob. Not very photogenic.

I’ve finished with chart #3 and started on the fourth and final chart. After that, all I have left is the border and I’m done!

I’m a little worried about running out of yarn. I thought I’d have enough but….I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

I do know where to get more yarn if I need it, but I’d have to wait for my mother to mail it to me (it’s not a local store) and that would just delay this project even more.

On the sock front–I will have pictures of the sock at Baltimore Pride eventually. :) Originally I was using the Pomatamus pattern from Knitty but I decided to rip it out and do Hedera instead.

I liked Pomatamus but it wasn’t great portable knitting–I had to concentrate too much. Hedera is simpler, and I think works with the yarn better.

Not much else to say–spent most of this past week or so working on my spec script, not knitting.

The Sock has Pride Saturday, Jun 17 2006 

In the grand tradition of the Yarn Harlot, I have begun to travel with a sock. And, in what may be the last shreds of my sanity disappearing, I have also begun to photograph the sock and imbue it with vaguely human qualities.

Last week the sock went to DC Pride.

It was too shy to come out for photos, but it saw lots of things!

Like drag queens:
And drag kings:

Dykes on Bikes:

Even some gay cowboys!

So what does the sock have to say about this?


How to Knit a Cursed Shawl Tuesday, Jun 13 2006 

1. Assemble yarn, pattern, and needles
2. Cast on and begin
3. Realize needles, although marked as size US4, really are not.
4. Switch to other needles, actually a size US4
5. Realize needles are not long enough
6. Order outragelously expensive needles online
7. Wait for said needles
8. Begin using new needles. Marvel at smoothness and speed of knitting.
9. Severely punish cat for chewing on insanely expensive, nice needles.
10. Sand down needles to remove largest tooth marks.
11. Realize made mistake on chart 2 while in the middle of chart 3.
12. Rip back, repeat chart 2 while paying attention
13. Pick up knitting, notice needles have broken at join
14. Phone mother, demanding her to find and send correct size needles, as they are nowhere to be found in this city (at least not affordably)
15. Wait for needles
16. Weep quietly and curse knitting for all time

Finished Object Friday! Friday, Jun 9 2006 

It’s finished object Friday!!

I actually have a couple of finished objects, but I plan on doling them out slowly. I’m just cruel like that.

Behold the socks:

Please ignore the dorky rolled up jeans–I didn’t feel like changing and what’s the point of a photo if you can’t see the socks?

The pattern was the “Step Out in Style” socks from the Fall 2004 issue of Cast On, and I used Wildfoot Sock Yarn. I used about 1 1/4 skeins of yarn. I ended up doing 1 less cable repeat than called for–the way the photo in the magazine was, the socks looked shorter, and I don’t like long socks.

I’m not sure what to do with the remaining 3/4 skein or yarn. I’m thinking maybe trying some toe up ankle socks.

In other knitting news, I finished another small project and have been working on the Ribbon X-Back take 3 (I swear, this time I’ll get it to work) and Icarus. I hit a snag–I realized about halfway through chart 3 that I’d messed up on chart 2 and 3.

For the record? Lifelines are not just for wimps.

I’m still not using any.

I like to live dangerously.


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