1. Assemble yarn, pattern, and needles
2. Cast on and begin
3. Realize needles, although marked as size US4, really are not.
4. Switch to other needles, actually a size US4
5. Realize needles are not long enough
6. Order outragelously expensive needles online
7. Wait for said needles
8. Begin using new needles. Marvel at smoothness and speed of knitting.
9. Severely punish cat for chewing on insanely expensive, nice needles.
10. Sand down needles to remove largest tooth marks.
11. Realize made mistake on chart 2 while in the middle of chart 3.
12. Rip back, repeat chart 2 while paying attention
13. Pick up knitting, notice needles have broken at join
14. Phone mother, demanding her to find and send correct size needles, as they are nowhere to be found in this city (at least not affordably)
15. Wait for needles
16. Weep quietly and curse knitting for all time

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