There isn’t much actual knitting content to post since yesterday. I spent most of Thursday and today (so far) going on a job interview and working frantically to finish my application for the Walt Disney/ABC Entertainment writing fellowship. I mailed it off this morning and now have to convince myself not to think of it until December (when they notify winners).

On the other hand, it has kicked my butt back into screenwriting gear. Which is good, because I need to actually start sending stuff out. And, you know, finishing it.

On the knitting front, my mother finally (two days after I called her in a panic) bought the yarn I need to finish Icarus. She says she’ll mail it tomorrow.

I love my mother, but she really doesn’t understand knitting urgency.

And now, in lieu of actual knitting news, I give you photos of a finished object:

It’s based on the Anthropologie Inspired Capelet pattern on Craftster. It’s knit in some yarn I got from the dollar spot at Target a year ago, on size US5 needles.

It was a pretty quick knit. I really like it. It’s the first time I’ve done a top down raglan construction, and I was greatly amused.

And now I am off to shower/collapse/eat/knit. And watch some L-Word (finally watching my tape with the rest of season 3) and wonder why no one else seems to think Carmen is crazy.

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