Icarus Photos Sunday, Jul 30 2006 

I finally have photos of Icarus!

I know, I finished it a while ago, but I had to get someone to take pictures of me. It turned out beautifully–I just have to find a place to wear it!

I love this pattern, and I loved the yarn. I used Dragon Tale yarn rayon slub in royal purple, knit on US4 needles. It’s got a nice shine to it, and it was fun to knit with.

Here it is spread out on a table for size:

Being modeled (ignore the fact that I look like death on a triscuit, please):

And a close up of the lace edge:

I think it turned out well.

Domestic Diva Tuesday, Jul 25 2006 

I’m feeling very domestic today. It’s kind of odd, because if there was one word I never would’ve associated with myself, “domestic” would be it. But here I am, all crafty and cooking and all of that.

Oh well.

I’ve spent most of today swatching for a secret design for a very big, very exciting super secret project that Mary and I have coming up. No details yet–but keep watching!

What? Just a few details?

Well, if you insisist…I spent most of today swatching a bunch of cables. And that’s all I’m telling you, so there!

Now I’m doing another cable swatch for work. I’m teaching an Intro to Cables class, and I want to have it on display. Hopefully I’ll have it done by tonight.

I’m also cooking dinner–I checked Nigella Lawson’s book “How to Eat” out from the library, and it was very inspiring. I’m making roast chicken, made with garlic basil butter, and roast potatoes that I got from Trader Joe’s this morning.

I love Trader Joes.

I also got a wireless internet card for my old laptop (the one without the burnt out motherboard) that is very old and very slow but will still allow me to go and blog from other places. I even found out that Arlington county has a wifi hotspot at Courthouse Plaza! I think that calls for a trip this Saturday, to sit and blog and visit the farmer’s market.

Well, I’m off to put my potatoes in the oven and get ready for tonight–it’s Sit and Knit at Michaels, and the last day of my summer shrug class (rescheduled from Saturday).

Layout Issues Monday, Jul 17 2006 

So, I was all proud of my new layout. Very subtle-y Harry Potter related, very nice.

Then I switched browswers from IE to Firefox and realized I can no longer see the images.

Grr. Arg.

So…stay tuned for a new layout coming soon! I have one in mind, that I’ve found. It’s very cute, very British (featuring tea! and scones!) which is ok, because I’m a huge anglophile. And frantically trying to find ways to move to England. Or Canada. Not here, basically.

I also promise pictures soon, as I’ve charged my palm pilot with the cheap digital camera in it, and I’ll be kidnapping Mary and her digital camera.

Oh. And today is a heat emergency–99 degrees. Lovely.

And it’s combined with DC’s crime emergency. Even better.

It’s Summer Saturday, Jul 15 2006 

And I have ennui.

I can’t seem to work up the energy for much besides work and lying on my couch having increasingly odd dreams.

This is one of the reasons I’ve never liked summer. I much prefer the other seasons–fall, especially. Fall to me feels like beginnings. It’s crisp, but not cold. The air is invigorating and there is this sense of excitement in the air. I love the smells of fall–pumpkin, apples, leaves, wood smoke, hot coffee and wool sweaters.

Summer, though, is lazy. It’s too hot and humid outside to do much except lay around. I just want to sit and stare into space. I pick up books to read and put them down again, and the same goes for knitting projects.

I’ve got quite a bit on the needles, because I keep starting things but I don’t seem to have the willpower to get anywhere.

I’ve started Perdita, from the latest Knitty, but I can only get a few rows in before my hands cramp up. That’s what I get for making anything that uses embroidery floss and seed beads on size US1 needles, I suppose.

I’ve also got a shrug, that I’m making progress on. It’s for a class I’m teaching, though, so it doesn’t really count. I have to make progress on it.

There’s also a Red Heart afghan, Grecian Plait from Knitty (which I started 2 years ago? 3? and am now reclaiming from the UFO pile), Ribbon X-Back from Knitty, the Calleigh tank, and a pair of socks.

Not to mention things which need finishing–Mainly Under the Hoodie from Stitch n Bitch, and Icarus.

Yet, what do I do? I lay on the couch, drifting off to sleep and daydreaming of moving somewhere, preferably England (or maybe Canada), anywhere but this country. I read Harry Potter and dream of Hogwarts and owls and magic and all it comes back to is wanting to be anywhere but here.

I’m DONE Wednesday, Jul 5 2006 

Yes, I’ve finished Icarus!


I think that’s a record–it’s the first time I’ve ever knit a project pretty much straight through without switching to something else (techinical difficulties notwithstanding).

It’s off the needles–I still have to weave in the ends and block it.

It looks really good. I’m so proud.

Unfortunately, in a haze of finished object euphoria, I did a bad thing.

I bought more yarn.

It’s not my fault, though. Really, it isn’t.

You see, I’m taking the Wilton cake decorating class at Michaels. Because they’re short something like 4 instructors in my district. So, I go to class with my little student kit, all cheerful. Then I get the REST of the supply list. So as I’m schlepping about town, buying something like $150 worth of supplies, I go to Wal-Mart.

There in the craft department, tempting me, was the yarn. It’s Red Heart, yes, I know. But Red Heart has its place, and afghans are definitely that place. I abuse my afghans. I spill tea and wine on them, and drop half a plate of spaghetti marinara on them. The cats knead them and suck on them and occassionally puke on them. They get thrown in the washer and dryer with no regard for proper wool care. Red Heart is my afghan yarn of choice.

It’s varigated yarn, turquoise and fuschia and several shades of purple. It’s so pretty and last night I swatched and cast on for an afghan, blatantly ignoring the many half-finished objects littering my apartment, begging to be finished.



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