Sleep Knitting Monday, Aug 28 2006 

I’ve heard of sleep-walking and sleep-eating. But I think I’ve discovered a new nocturnal phenomenon–sleep knitting.

I’m working on the Swallowtail Shawl from the latest Interweave, and I’ve been knitting along for a while now. I’ve even memorized the chart–which turned out to be very useful last night, when I got stranded on the side of the road, patternless, with no other knitting, waiting for a tow truck.

(I will never go without an extra knitting project again. I realize, now, that I was tempting the Knitting Gods to smite me.)

I then took the shawl with me to OUTKnit, the new knitting group I’ve started. I remember sitting in the coffeeshop and getting through the end of the 13th repeat before I left.

Then I left, stopping to talk to a knitter friend I haven’t seen in a while who happened to be there (weird coincidence).

I came home, cleaned because my mother is visiting (because my father is too cheap to pay for a rental car, so she is driving up here so I can use hers to get to work), and then took a nap.

Afterwards, I sat down to watch Three Moons Over Milford and The 4400.

I picked up the shawl and began to knit. Then I stopped. I looked at my knitting. I looked at the chart. I looked at my knitting.

I am now on the 3rd row of the 14th repeat.

Yes. Somehow, without realizing or having any memory of it, I managed to KNIT TWO ROWS.

Sleep knitting.

It’s the only explanation.

Blogger Beta Friday, Aug 25 2006 

So, I’ve decided to make the switch to Blogger Beta. I like a lot of the features, but I’m disappointed that the ability to edit templates using HTML isn’t up.

I like the point and click editing for things like color–I do better if I can see it right away.

But, I want to do my own header, with some graphics and such, so I really need to be able to edit in HTMl.

Oh well, that will come soon.

No knitting news to report. My job has crushed my soul and as such I have been spending my evenings passed out on the sofa, staring blankly at the TV instead of knitting.

I did, however, start re-reading one of the Yarn Harlot’s books, which hopefully will inspire me. Because if the Yarn Harlot isn’t inspiring–who is?

Pictureless Update Wednesday, Aug 23 2006 

So, my jobs (both of them) have been totally kicking my ass, which really reduces knitting time. I pretty much work all day, then come home and either a) go to do more work or b) pass out on the couch staring blankly at the wall.

I did make an incredibly girly ball band washcloth on Sunday. It’s sugar and cream cotton in purple and varigated pink, and I promise I’ll give you pictures soon. All I have left to do is weave in ends and decide if I want to crochet an edging on.

I’m plodding along on the Quidditch sweater and other projects, but nothing is super exciting right now.

Oh, and I cast on for the Swallowtail Shawl from Fall Interweave in Paton’s Lacette. It’s a pretty cream color. I really like it.

More pictures (and knitting!) soon.

Castonitis Sunday, Aug 13 2006 

I am once again suffering from Castonitis.

Partly this is due to teaching–I like to be working on the same project as my class, so I can demonstrate on mine and let them do theirs, plus I like the see one, do one, teach one philosophy, so I generally knit a version ahead of time as well. It’s also great advertising.

Then, I have design projects for something big coming in Sept (I hope!) and of course other projects.

I just keep casting on!

Here’s a list of what I have to knit:

Semi-Abandoned Projects
Under the Hoodie (weaving in ends, sewing together)
Grecian Plait (sleeves, finishing)
Ribbon X-Back (take 3!)
Calleigh (must find notes first)

Current Projects
Log Cabin Stash Busting Blanket
Plain Vanilla Class Socks
Mystery Project 1
Hedera Socks
Quidditch Sweater

Crochet Projects
Mystery Croche Project
Mesh Grocery Bag (weave in ends)

Planned Projects
Mystery Project 2
Dad’s Socks
Mom’s Scarf
Joanne’s Cat Pillow
Gryffindor Scarf

I really need to start knittng faster!

This afternoon, I’m meeting Mary and Kasey and going to scout out a coffee shop for a Queer/Queer Friendly knitting circle. I’m crossing my fingers that this will work out–I’ve felt a little uncomfortable at some of the other knitting groups I’ve been to, because they’ve often been full of women knitting for husbands/boyfriends/kids or lots of church groups, and I’ve found myself censoring what I say. A lot. Plus, I’ve noticed a lot of people I’ve met at queer oriented events have said they knit, and they’d love a queer knitting group.

So…let’s hope this place has good coffee, lots of room, and is friendly to crafters (and queers).

Secret Projects and TV Monday, Aug 7 2006 

So, I don’t have that much to say or show, as I’m working on some secret projects right now. I got some knitting done on secret project #1 yesterday, as I did a demo for my classes, then today I got some stuff done on the secret crochet project while I watched TV.

I decided to check out ABC Family’s new show, Three Moons Over Milford. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but so far I think it’s pretty cute. It’s got that quirky Gilmore Girls vibe going on. The premise of the show is that the moon was hit by an asteroid, broke into three pieces and they are in a degrading orbit and will, at some unspecified point in the future, crash into Earth causing the end of the world. They’re also causing people to behave in some strange ways.

With only one episode, it’s too early to tell if the show’s going to be good or not, but I’m tuning in for more. It’s not ground-breaking television, but it’s cute and fun.

I also watched The 4400. I haven’t seen this show in ages, so I’m very confused. Of course, I was watching it every week for a while and I was still confused then, so maybe it’s just me. When did Diana and the geeky guy break up? They were cute together! I get the feeling the writers are going for a Mulder/Scully vibe with Tom and Diana, but it’s not really there.

Besides, the whole partners falling in love thing is so over now. Honestly? I’d be impressed if a show came on and the partners didn’t fall in love.

Speaking of love, what happend to Alanna? I was very disappointed to see Karina Lombard wasn’t in the episode, and from the lack of references to her character, it seems she’s gone for good. Does anyone know? The only thing that makes her leaving not as bad is that I’ve heard a rumor that Marina will be returning to The L-Word next season.

Ok, I have a confession to make. I hate Marina. I love Karina Lombard, she’s gorgeous, but Marina’s character was just very manipulative. She reminded me of some people I used to know, and that is definitely not a good thing.

Oh well, I can always just mute the TV and stare at the hotness. That always works.

Kind of like watching any scenes with Grissom and Sara fliting in an incredibly forced way on CSI.

Wow, that got way off topic.

More updates later–and maybe some photos, too!


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