I am once again suffering from Castonitis.

Partly this is due to teaching–I like to be working on the same project as my class, so I can demonstrate on mine and let them do theirs, plus I like the see one, do one, teach one philosophy, so I generally knit a version ahead of time as well. It’s also great advertising.

Then, I have design projects for something big coming in Sept (I hope!) and of course other projects.

I just keep casting on!

Here’s a list of what I have to knit:

Semi-Abandoned Projects
Under the Hoodie (weaving in ends, sewing together)
Grecian Plait (sleeves, finishing)
Ribbon X-Back (take 3!)
Calleigh (must find notes first)

Current Projects
Log Cabin Stash Busting Blanket
Plain Vanilla Class Socks
Mystery Project 1
Hedera Socks
Quidditch Sweater

Crochet Projects
Mystery Croche Project
Mesh Grocery Bag (weave in ends)

Planned Projects
Mystery Project 2
Dad’s Socks
Mom’s Scarf
Joanne’s Cat Pillow
Gryffindor Scarf

I really need to start knittng faster!

This afternoon, I’m meeting Mary and Kasey and going to scout out a coffee shop for a Queer/Queer Friendly knitting circle. I’m crossing my fingers that this will work out–I’ve felt a little uncomfortable at some of the other knitting groups I’ve been to, because they’ve often been full of women knitting for husbands/boyfriends/kids or lots of church groups, and I’ve found myself censoring what I say. A lot. Plus, I’ve noticed a lot of people I’ve met at queer oriented events have said they knit, and they’d love a queer knitting group.

So…let’s hope this place has good coffee, lots of room, and is friendly to crafters (and queers).