Fall Knitting Friday, Sep 29 2006 

I love fall knitting. It makes me think of cozy sweaters, warm blankets, and soft socks. All in beautiful autumn colors.

There are alos some great things going on for fall:

Socktoberfest kicks off on Sunday! Who doesn’t love socks? Go to Lolly Knitting Around to sign up and join the Socktoberfest fun!

Also starting soon is Fall Cable Knit Along. It seems that knitted items and cables are very hot this season, and what a better excuse to knit them?

I’ve got lots of ideas for both of these–I just ordered some knitpicks yarn to make Glampyre’s cabled cardigan. I love it! And I’ve got the aran sweater I started, plus I’m thinking maybe a cute cabled sweater vest?

Oh, and let’s not forget socks. So many sock patterns they deserve their own post! Stay tuned!

Yarrrr, Avast! Wednesday, Sep 20 2006 

It be international Talk Like a Pirate Day!

I have no actual knitting content to post at the moment. I’ve been playing around with the layout, so I’m going to have some things added soon.

So, keep watching, I hope to get things more organized and updated in the next few days.

In the mean time…

Drink up, me hearties, yo ho.

Just don’t touch me rum. Savvy?


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