OUTKnit Group Tuesday, Oct 10 2006 

I realized that I forgot to post this announcement before. Bad blogger, no cookie.

So, here is the official blog announcement about OUTKnit, the DC Metro area’s GLBT (and friends!) knitting and crochet group.

We meet every Sunday at Murky Coffee in Arlington, from 1-4. Don’t let the VA location scare you–it’s just 2 blocks from the Clarendon Metro stop, and there’s plenty of parking if you prefer to drive.

It’s a really friendly group of people, and since I’ve been asked, no you don’t have to be gay to join. Allies are encouraged to come as well.

If you want more information, why don’t you check out our Yahoo group?

Click here to join outknit
Click to join outknit

Since I’ve been asked, I’ll talk a little bit about why I started this group.

The first reason is because people asked for it–once they found out I was a knitter, I had several people ask me if I knew of any gay knitting groups. The DC Radical Faeries do have a knitting circle, but it meets at people’s houses and I know that I (and a lot of other people) wouldn’t really feel comfortable just e-mailing someone you don’t know and then heading off to their place.

I also think it’s important. A lot of the knitting groups I’ve been to have been dominated by a more conservative group of people. As I’m sure most of you know, stitch’n’bitch discussions can turn rather….interesting. A lot of times I ended up not speaking up, because I wasn’t sure how comfortable anyone would be with a lesbian in their midst. I wanted a knitting group where people wouldn’t have to worry about that.

So, if you’re in the DC/VA/MD area and you’d like to check us out, come on by! There are some awesome knitters and amazing coffee–what’s not to love?

Socktoberfest Goodies Tuesday, Oct 10 2006 

In honor of Socktoberfest, I decided to do some stash enhancement. I got some Gloss from Knitpicks, in Serengeti, Pumpkin, and Cocoa.

It’s amazingly soft and delicious to work with. I also decided to check out the Knitpicks DPNs. I like them. They’re very sharp, which is nice. Even if I do end up with sore thumbs and fingers.

I cast on for the Snowflake Socks from Magknits with the Serengeti.

My first attempt:

On US3 needles. It was looking a bit too loose, though, and the lace wasn’t stretching enough, so I frogged it and cast on again using US2s.

I also cast on for some basic socks for my Dad’s Christmas present. I’m using Lana Grossa in a grey stripe colorway. On US1s. It’s very very tiny and fine.

It’s also kind of boring–gloomy colors, plain pattern. But my Dad wouldn’t wear bright colors or fussy socks, so there ya go.

Off to knit while watching the Sunglasses of Justice (CSI: Miami).


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