Well, not new exactly, but re-discovered.

While I’ve been at home, my mother has been making me go through a lot of stuff from my old bedroom. While I was doing that, I came across some old cross stitch supplies. I picked it up to finish the Tigger one I was working on, and I realized I’d forgotten how much I enjoy it.

I’m definitely going to be picking it up again, especially since there has been a lot of new interest in crafting and the charts and patterns available are getting better. My problem with cross stitch was always the fact that I really don’t like cutesy or country patterns.

My aunt also gave me some of her old cross stitch patterns–most weren’t really my style, but there were a few I liked. And I’ve looked online and found some interesting stuff. Maybe I’ll even branch out into designing!

I just have to make sure my knitting isn’t neglected. :)

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