A New Challenge Tuesday, Mar 27 2007 

Can one girl pack her apartment in just 2 days?

Will she be ready for the movers when they show up on Thursday?

Will the cats accidentally get packed in a box?

Only time will tell.

Idea Frustration Sunday, Mar 25 2007 

I’ve been in a crafting rut for a few weeks.

So why is it that all of a sudden I have all of these ideas? Right when I have to be packing my entire life into boxes and hauling it 3,000 miles cross-country?

Thanks, universe.

Packing Saturday, Mar 24 2007 

My life consists of nothing but packing boxes.

Endless packing of boxes.

More updates later.

Flashback to SNOW DAYS Tuesday, Mar 6 2007 

I’m already missing the lovely, spring-like weather of last week. But it’s still better than the weather we had before that!

The snow outside was very pretty.

And of course I took the opportunity to wear my lovely knitted items! This is the finished version of the Patons Scarf:

My Mom was visiting, too, and she wore her new scarf and an easy hat I crocheted out of Patons SWS. Mary created the pattern, and the hats are super cute!

I admit–I have a very Lorelai Gilmore reaction to the first snow (she is my role model, after all) and I had to go outside to catch a snowflake or two.

But, as pretty as it is, snow has the unfortunate property of being COLD.

I’m ready for spring.

Redneck Woman Sunday, Mar 4 2007 

The weather here can’t make up it’s mind. Last week it was snowing, then a few days ago it was so hot I was wearing this:

Living proof that you can take the girl out of the south, but you can’t take the south out of the girl.

What was I doing in my redneck gear?


Because I am moving to….

San Francisco!!!

I’m really excited, and more than a little bit nervous.

The worst part is the packing–I hate packing all of my stuff up. Here’s the first box:

Doesn’t it look so sad and lonely, getting ready to move 3,000 miles away?

Needless to say, this doesn’t leave a whole lot of time for knitting, but I promise I’ll have things to show you soon.


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