I bet y’all have forgotten about me, haven’t you?

Long story short, I’ve been away from the internet because of the move.

My Mom came with me to help me move–and because she likes road trips–and we drove cross-country from Virginia to California in six days! I could say a lot about the trip, but for now I’ll just say that Nebraska was rainy, Wyoming was pretty, Nevada was empty, and I-80 from Tahoe to Sacramento was terrifying.

I arrived only to find out that my new building–NOT wired for cable!! So I have DSL, which takes a while to get turned on, apparently, and I’m getting satellite set up on Monday. I’ve never had either before, so we’ll see how it goes.

I’ve also started work, and I only my furniture the day before I started, so I haven’t had any time to knit at all. But my co-workers are discussing instituing a knitting night, so I’m super excited.

Right now, it’s off to the unpacking for me, so that I can stop living out of boxes and suitcase.