So, I have a been a bad, bad blogger.

I’m blaming this on the fact that I have social networking sites and blogs coming out of my ears, and haven’t yet figured out a good way to organize them, plus I’ve been working a lot.

That being said, I’ve made excellent progress on Orangina, I’m now to the ribbing. No pictures for this post–later, I promise–and hopefully I’ll be able to finish it this weekend.

If I’m really ambitious, I’ll also try to finish weaving the ends and blocking Under the Hoodie so that I can take it to work and be all, look what I made.

Even though it’s July. But as it turns out, July in San Francisco? Not all that warm. And any time of year in my office? Definitely not all that warm. I don’t know who is controlling the thermostat, but they are most certainly more hot-natured than I.