FO: Cherie Amour Wednesday, Oct 31 2007 

It’s done!!!!

Cherie Amour

My Cherie Amour is finished, and I really like it. I was concerned with the armholes being too tight, but after I wore it for an hour, they loosened up and felt fine.

Cherie Amour Back

It fits great, and I got a ton of compliments on it at work. There were a few pattern issues I wish I had known about, but I guess that’s what I get for being one of the early group of knitters.

It’s a great fit, great sweater, and I’ll definitely be making it again in different colors.

Cherie Amour Monday, Oct 29 2007 

This weekend I seamed Cherie Amour.

While a beautiful sweater, this didn’t go as well as I would have hoped. The shoulder seams are tight–really tight. They have to hit at my upper arms, because they’re too small to go around my shoulders.

The sleeves themselves are also too long,and bunch unflatteringly if pushed up to my wrists.

I might try to wear it like this–it looks fine, but doesn’t feel great–because I really don’t want to rip the sleeves and do them again, but I may have to.

Thoughts. And Socks. Thursday, Oct 25 2007 

Commuter Sock Rocky Mountain Dusk

Behold the first finished commuter sock. I’ve already cast on for sock number 2, in an attempt to avoid second sock syndrome.

Not much knitting news–I’ve mostly been sleeping off a cold.

I did notice something as I’ve been browsing knitting blogs–what’s with all the couples consisting of a computer geek (I mean that in a loving way, people, y’all should know that by now) and a knitter? I just suddenly seem to be seeing a ton of adorable couples like that, and it seems like a strange coincidence. Maybe it’s some sort of weird cosmic compatibility thing?

Also, I kinda want to know how to become one of those knitters….

Fake Rhinebeck Wednesday, Oct 24 2007 

Since I was not able to make the trek to Rhinebeck (next year, I promise) I’ve decided to participate in Girl on the Rocks’ Fake Rhinebeck contest! I dug through part of my stash and unearthed some fun yarn.

Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Bulky

Four skeins of Knitpicks Wool of the Andes Bulky in Emerald, destined to become Glampyre’s Bulky Cabled Sweater.

Miss Babs Superwash Sock Yarn

Also, a gorgeous skein of Miss Babs Superwash Sock yarn in bright pinks and purple. Perhaps the next commuter sock? Or Jaywalkers?

Just Keep Knitting (Project Update) Tuesday, Oct 23 2007 

Some days I feel like Dory–just keep knitting, just keep knitting.

I’ve been teased (slightly) for the sock which is always at the ready in my bag, but some days knitting on the commute is the only way I hang on to my sanity. It’s a very zen-like thing for me, and I could use that, especially with my parents getting into town on Friday, and my apartment not anything near what they consider habitable.

I finished the sleeves for Cherie Amour and blocked it, but completely forgot to take pictures. The next step is sewing the sleeves in–my least favorite part, though at least I’ve already woven in all my ends.

I also ordered the yarn for Butterfly online. The LYS I went to only has 10 balls of any color of Noro, and I need 11. Since I wasn’t interested in a substitution–I waited until I could afford Kureyon to make this sweater, damn it, I’m making it with Kureyon–and they didn’t seem interested in working with me to get the right number of skeins in one dyelot, I went online.

Tubey is inching along, but looks super cute so far.

The commuter sock is already past the gusset increases, and I’m working on the foot. Hooray!

Baudelaire has been woefully ignored since I cast on. I just haven’t had the time to really focus on it, and it’s my first toe-up sock, so I really need to focus.

I’m not casting on for anything else until these are finished. I swear.

File This One Under Steph is Smrt Sunday, Oct 21 2007 

So, I’ve had a pretty bad week. I’m not going to go into it here, but let’s just say it sucked. A lot.

Fortunately for me, a new yarn store just opened up near me. So I decided to check it out and buy myself some yarn.

I’m still committed to de-stashing (No, really, I am) but I thought maybe some nice sock yarn would help cheer me up.

Sadly, they don’t have much in the way of sock yarn, and it’s in the muted plain color variety rather than the bright and pretty kind. sock yarn.

But they have Noro.

I’ve avoided Noro up until now. I made a pair of wristwarmers from Kureyon, but that’s it. Kureyon? Pretty, but not in a college student budget. So, since I am now someone with a Real Job, I figured I would splurge on a book and yarn.

I’ve been eyeing Butterfly for sometime now, and that happened to be the Noro book she had in stock. So I merrily bought the book and some yarn in the new 214 colorway, which on the outside was full of lovely rust, Autumn colors (Since I have been accused of–or at least questioned about–only knitting sweaters in one color family.) and trotted home.

As I was working up the first skein, I quickly realized two things. 1) I had misread and underestimated my yarn by half, and 2) there was a bit of green, pink, and blue hidden in the middle of the skein that I didn’t particularly love.

After much debating, I think I’m going to return the remaining skeins and exchange them for another colorway I had been considering (if she has enough in stock) or just return them and order online, if I need to. I can’t return the half knitted skein, naturally, so I think I’ll make the Kureyon Kozy from Knitty.

So, not a complete disaster, but I do feel kind of dumb.

this is not a life of leisure Friday, Oct 19 2007 

The other day I came across the article Domestic Hiss, where Jeanne Jackson discusses some criticism of domestic blogs.

The entire thing just irks me, particularly the bit where domestic blogs are dismissed as the province of those with “money and leisure.”

Now, clearly, I write a knitting/crafting blog. Which is generally classified as a domestic blog and let me tell you, this is not a life of leisure. Or money.

Like any number of craft bloggers out there, I am not a stay at home wife or mom. In fact, if you were to profile what you’d expect from the stereotype of a craft blogger, I am very likely none of those things. I am young (24). I am single. I work–I work a lot, actually, and most of the knitting you see on here is done on the weekends or my commute because that’s all the time I have. I am a pop culture junkie and kind of a geek.

I don’t know where people get the idea that crafting is the province of those with time and money. Or those with kids. Or who are married. Or older. Whichever stereotype you’d like to pick, fill in the blank here. I, like many people, do this because it’s fun. It’s fun, and it’s relaxing, and it feels good to have something finished, something physical that I can hold in my hands in a world where most work consists of more and more ephemeral chunks of information and tasks (like answering email) that repeat themselves in an endless cycle.

Personally, I think the world would be a better place if we all took some time to sit down, relax, and knit our own pair of socks.

Commuter Sock Gussets

Like the commuter sock. It’s zipping along on the needles. I even tried an eye of partridge heel this time, for variety.

Eye of Patridge Heel

I like it, and can’t wait for it to be finished.

I Have Sleeves! Wednesday, Oct 17 2007 

This weekend I also finished the sleeves for Tubey.

Tubey sleeves front

They seemed to go on forever, and I was half convinced they would be miles too long, but they weren’t.

Tubey Sleeves Side

I like the colors, and so far it fits well. Now on to 17″ of 3×1 ribbing!

(Yes, the 2nd shot is blurry. I have no idea why. It’s the only one I have of the sleeves from the side so…deal.)

Cherie Amour Body Tuesday, Oct 16 2007 

I’ve finished the body of Cherie Amour!

Cherie Amour Body Front

I mostly like the way it looks, but I’d make a few changes. Namely, I think I’d go up a size (or 2) through the ribbing, then drop back to the smallest size through the chest. I’d also rechart the neck decreases, as I found that really counterintuitive, and probably make it a little longer.

Cherie Amour Body Side

That said, I’m really happy with how it’s turning out. It’s a super quick knit, and very cute!

Eco-Knitting Monday, Oct 15 2007 

Today is Blog Action Day. Originally, I had planned to have a pattern for an eco-friendly knitted (or crocheted) grocery bag.

But, time escaped from me, as it often does, so you get this instead.

The thing about craftiness is that it can be pretty environmentally friendly, if you think about it.

First of all, there’s the things you can make. Don’t use plastic bags–carry your groceries in something you’ve made instead! Try Knitty’s French Market Bag for knitters, or the Sugar and Cream String Bag for crochet.

So, then, what to do with those plastic bags you have leftover? Knit them into a bag of their own, of course! Try the DIY Network tutorial.

You can use eco-friendly yarns as well: Try 2nd Time Cotton (recycled cotton), Recycled Sari Silk, Cornucopia (made of, you guessed it, corn–yes, corn), or Bamboo, just to name a few.

See? Now you have an excuse to go out and buy some more yarn. It’s not for you, it’s for the environment!

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