Last night I worked on Cherie Amour:

Cherie Amour Front

I was so distracted by Cold Case and the re-living of my high school years through the music in the episode (Semi-Sonic! Dishwalla! Goo Goo Dolls! Everclear!) that I completely spaced on the part where it said, continue in pattern until armhole measures 6″ so I’ll need to go back and do that on the left front.

Looking at the picture, it’s looking really small. I’m hoping the ribbing stretches…a lot. I think it will, though.

I also watched part of Jurassic Park last night. It was a very nostalgia filled night for me. Jurassic Park, I have to say, played a pretty defining role in who I am.

I was, surprisingly enough, an excessively girly child. I had long hair and wore dresses and was quiet and sweet and all of those things that girls are told to be. Everyone told me that I would hate this movie. It was too bloody and scary and gross. I wouldn’t make it through.

When I finally saw it? Best. Thing. EVAR.

It was fantastic. This was COOL. And there was Sattler, who was kick-ass and smart and a girl and who had great lines like “Dinosaurs…eat man, woman inherits the Earth.” And Malcolm, who I maybe had a little bit of a crush on, because did I mention I like geeky? I couldn’t have told you which one of those characters I was more in love with, but that movie was probably the start of my slide into becoming a massively geeky feminist.

Also? There were velociraptors. And who doesn’t love raptors?