Lest you think my recent bout of startitis is causing me to abandon my previous project, let me assure you I am still working on the sleeves for Tubey.

Tubey Sleeve 2

All 5’3″ inches of them. (Thank God I’m short, that’s all I’m saying.)

But, I hit a snag. While I love all my projects–Cherie Amour, Tubey, Sizzle, the long-abandoned Rogue–none of them are very portable.

Especially since I just bought a new purse as part of the slightly disturbing girlification that has occurred since I moved here.


It’s a very cute purse,but there’s not whole lot of room in there. What I needed was something small. Something portable. Something that didn’t require a lot of complicated measuring or counting or switching of yarns.

What I needed was a commuter sock.

Commuter Sock Cuff Purple

I cast on for this sock using Knitpicks Memories in Rocky Mountain Dusk (I think–it was stashed and they don’t seem to carry it any more). It’s a basic, plain sock that requires very little thinking on my part.

I used the Yarn Harlot‘s sock recipe from Knitting Rules as a guide and cast on 70 sts on US3s, and knit about an inch in 3×2 rib for the cuff, and now it’s just plain knitting for the leg. It couldn’t be simpler, which is just what I need on my commute.

Plus, it’s the perfect way to celebrate Socktoberfest!

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