No matter how long I’ve been knitting, I can’t always resist the temptation to play fast and loose with gauge swatches.

Needless to say, this isn’t always a good thing.

I discovered, upon further contemplation of the traveling sock, that it looked….well it looked a little large, honestly. So I measured.


I so don’t have 9″ ankles.

I spent the better part of my evening commute on Wednesday ripping out the sock and casting on again, this time with 48 stitches and a 2×2 cuff. I had somewhat of an epiphany regarding ribbing. While I understood intellectually that the number of total stitches played a role in the type of ribbing used, as well as how to divide up the rib between knit and purl, something about it clicked and it all started making perfect sense.

I love it when math does that.

Now, I could blame this error on my impatience, and the fact that I was measuring gauge in a hurry.

Or…I could blame gnomes.

Fritz With Sock

I caught this one at my desk the other day…sure, he looks all innocent, but I suspect gauge interference.