Today is Blog Action Day. Originally, I had planned to have a pattern for an eco-friendly knitted (or crocheted) grocery bag.

But, time escaped from me, as it often does, so you get this instead.

The thing about craftiness is that it can be pretty environmentally friendly, if you think about it.

First of all, there’s the things you can make. Don’t use plastic bags–carry your groceries in something you’ve made instead! Try Knitty’s French Market Bag for knitters, or the Sugar and Cream String Bag for crochet.

So, then, what to do with those plastic bags you have leftover? Knit them into a bag of their own, of course! Try the DIY Network tutorial.

You can use eco-friendly yarns as well: Try 2nd Time Cotton (recycled cotton), Recycled Sari Silk, Cornucopia (made of, you guessed it, corn–yes, corn), or Bamboo, just to name a few.

See? Now you have an excuse to go out and buy some more yarn. It’s not for you, it’s for the environment!