Some days I feel like Dory–just keep knitting, just keep knitting.

I’ve been teased (slightly) for the sock which is always at the ready in my bag, but some days knitting on the commute is the only way I hang on to my sanity. It’s a very zen-like thing for me, and I could use that, especially with my parents getting into town on Friday, and my apartment not anything near what they consider habitable.

I finished the sleeves for Cherie Amour and blocked it, but completely forgot to take pictures. The next step is sewing the sleeves in–my least favorite part, though at least I’ve already woven in all my ends.

I also ordered the yarn for Butterfly online. The LYS I went to only has 10 balls of any color of Noro, and I need 11. Since I wasn’t interested in a substitution–I waited until I could afford Kureyon to make this sweater, damn it, I’m making it with Kureyon–and they didn’t seem interested in working with me to get the right number of skeins in one dyelot, I went online.

Tubey is inching along, but looks super cute so far.

The commuter sock is already past the gusset increases, and I’m working on the foot. Hooray!

Baudelaire has been woefully ignored since I cast on. I just haven’t had the time to really focus on it, and it’s my first toe-up sock, so I really need to focus.

I’m not casting on for anything else until these are finished. I swear.