Last Night Thursday, Nov 15 2007 

Last night I met someone who had no idea that knitting was popular again.

I tried to explain it to him, but I really don’t think he got it.

Flash Your Stash Pt. 1 Tuesday, Nov 13 2007 

I’m finally scraping together the courage to join others in the blogosphere and flash my stash.

Turns out? I have a lot of yarn.


That’s just 1/3 (or less!) of my yarn. It all lives in the footlocker–I also have 2 large plastic boxes that I haven’t sorted and photographed for Ravelry yet, and the various bits and pieces floating around my apartment that I am collecting.

On the upside, I found some pretty good yarn I’d forgotten about. Some gorgeous sock yarn and laceweight, a couple of colors where I have enough to make a sweater. So much yarn–maybe 2008 should be my year of stash busting.

Butterfly Fronts Monday, Nov 12 2007 

I’ve finished both front pieces for Butterfly.

Buttefly Fronts

I can’t get over how impossibly small it looks in photos though I know once it’s blocked and seamed up it will all work out fine (I hope).

Clearly I did not worry too much about matching stripes. I briefly considered it, but it turns out I’m not that obsessive compulsive.

All over the place Sunday, Nov 11 2007 

Sometimes I wish I could just shut my mind of and stop thinking so damn much.

In the meantime, I think I’ll go play with some wool until I calm down.

Lovely, lovely wool.

Sometimes you wonder Saturday, Nov 10 2007 

If it’s really better not to know.

I’m thinking that I might start my next big organizational project this weekend–namely, photographing and documenting my stash on Ravelry.

On the one hand, it would keep me more organized and hopefully lend itself to stash-busting. On the other…that feature that lets you export to excel so you can find out exactly how many miles of yarn you have? I’m not sure I want to know.

Filler Post Friday, Nov 9 2007 

Check out the new Knitty surprises. I like the shawl.

Quick Thoughts Thursday, Nov 8 2007 

As someone who finds herself torn between two seemingly opposite interests, I find myself pondering whether or not they can coincide.

On the one hand, I am a bit of a technophile, and becoming more of one as time goes on. I think technological innovation is not only good but imperative.

On the other hand, I am also drawn to traditions of the past. Knitting, sewing, quilting, cooking–I’d garden, too, if I weren’t in an apartment. There’s something about that connectedness that I think is on the rise. One thing about technology is that it is often, by nature, ephemeral. And a file on a disk can’t compare to the feeling of holding something that you created in your hands.

I think–wonder–if maybe we shouldn’t be pondering a new model for society. Techno-agrarianism, for lack of a better term (agrarianism 2.0?). I’ll write more later, as I sort through this, but I wonder if this wouldn’t be a way to create a productive, yet also sustainable, future.

Not Much To Say Wednesday, Nov 7 2007 

I’ve barely had time to knit, but I am plugging away at the NaKniSweMo sweater.

Of course, the commitment is hitting me hard right now–as soon as I realized I was going to be knitting nothing but Butterfly for November, at least until I finished, I was suddenly gripped by the desire to cast on for other things. Yes, Butterfly is beautiful, and I’m happy with it–but there are other patterns out there. There are shawls! Socks! Hats! Other sweaters! Armwarmers that aren’t so long that I can’t type in my refrigerator-like new office!

But I will stick with Butterfly. For now anyway.

And hope that the knitting commitment issues aren’t reflective of commitment issues in other areas of my life.

Real Men Who Knit Tuesday, Nov 6 2007 

I haven’t really posted much about work here, being that it isn’t generally related. However, Current’s Drew Broderick recently filmed a great pod about a men’s knitting circle in London that I just had to share.

Because boys knitting? Just makes you go awww.

NaKniSweMo Progress Monday, Nov 5 2007 

I’m making great progress so far.

Butterfly Back
I’ve finished the back of Butterfly already, and cast on for the left front.

Hopefully I can keep up this pace.

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