Something about the New Year always sets off knitting ambitions for me. I’m already thinking about Christmas 2008, since I didn’t do holiday knits this year, and of course I have a lot of just-because things I want to make.

I am trying to be good and not stash-enhance for a few months, unless it’s for a gift. So I have to get all my yarn-buying for me in before Jan 1!

I’ve got a bunch of things going right now–two of my co-workers are heading to New Hampshire for the primary next week, and I’m hoping to finish some quick hats for at least one of them, though hopefully I can get two done.

I’ve also caved and signed up for Secret of the Stole II, which means I need to go buy some laceweight on Saturday, as all mine is in 800-1100 yard batches, and I need 1500 yards.

There are a lot of shifting priorities on the needles, but hopefully I’ll get the knitting–and the rest of my life–organized in the new year.

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