Butterfly! Monday, Jan 28 2008 

This weekend I managed to make some progress with Butterfly. I managed to finish the collar:

Butterfly Collar

The finish line is near, but finishing is the one thing I hate the most. I did manage to get one sleeve sewn on however.

Butterfly Finishing

I’ll work on the rest, hopefully not too slowly.

Hats Galore Thursday, Jan 17 2008 

Believe it or not, there actually are finished objects here in Quirkyland.

I didn’t post these when I finished them because they were semi-surprise gifts, but since they’ve been given and (hopefully) worn, I figure it’s safe.

Two of my colleagues were heading to New Hampshire for the primary, and I couldn’t let them go without nice warm hats, could I?
Leah's Hat

L’s hat was a basic roll-brim hat, no pattern, knit in Louet Gems worsted weight on US 7 needles.

Amanda's Cloche

A’s hat was the Vintage Girl Cloche by Rilana, knit in Cascade 220 handpaint on US7s. It ended up slightly off, gauge-wise, so I didn’t felt it, but it was still super cute.

Both were quick and fun to knit, and it was really nice to finish something so quickly.

Errata Monday, Jan 14 2008 

You know, it’s really better to check for pattern errors before you stubbornly go an entire row on the collar, mumbling “But it just doesn’t make any sense!” under your breath the entire time.

Otherwise, you wind up tinking back 138 stitches of a rather obvious mistake.

New Home Sunday, Jan 13 2008 

Hi y’all!

Welcome to my new blog home. Clearly, I’m still getting things up and running–about page, I’m looking at you–but I think this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

Actual knitting-related posts will commence shortly.

Swatch! Monday, Jan 7 2008 

I’ve finished my swatch for Secret of the Stole II. No picture, as I haven’t blocked it yet.

I think I may end up going down a size to US1s. I tried on US3s, but this yarn is so freakin’ fine. It’s more cobweb weight than laceweight, really. It’s beautiful, but so very very fine. The swatch on 3s is just so lacey.

Unfortunately, if I need to use US1s, that means another trip to the LYS to pick up some more Addi Lace needles. And, despite the yarn diet, I am incapable of walking out of there without buying something.

I’m sticking to sock yarn–everyone knows sock yarn doesn’t count–but still! This weekend I bought a skein of the new Noro sock yarn. It’s gorgeous, but I’m amazed at how wide the stripes are. I’m used to self-striping yarns having a much narrower repeat-it’ll be interesting to see how the socks turn out.

WIP: Clapotis Thursday, Jan 3 2008 

Yes, I swore I’d never make one. But this yarn? Refused to be anything else.

Clapotis 1

Pattern: Clapotis by Kate Gilbert
Yarn: Knit Picks Shimmer in Deep Woods, held double
Needles: US8
Knit For: Me, probably. Unless I wind up giving it to someone else> I haven’t really decided.
Status: Am on the 2nd of 13 straight row repeats. I really do want to get to the finished project, and I do find myself enjoying purposefully dropping stitches, but something about the monotony of this section tends to drive me to drink.

I really didn’t intend to knit this. It’s all the yarn’s fault. I swear.

WIP: Brilliant Retro Wednesday, Jan 2 2008 

Brilliant Retro 1

Pattern: Brilliant Retro by Teva Durham, Interweave Knits Winter 2005
Yarn: Patons Brilliant in Lilac Luster
Needles: US4
Knit for: Me. Yes, I am a shamelessly selfish knitter. Also, single and living far enough away from my friends and family that I can’t subtly measure them.
Status: Cast on Christmas Day with my new yarn, am just starting the armholes on the back piece.

New Year, New Resolutions Tuesday, Jan 1 2008 

New Year’s is a time for resolutions. In the case of knitting, my goal for 2008 is to limit the amount of projects on the needles at one time, and knit my way through my stash.

Well, part of my stash at least.

As a first step towards this goal, I figured I’d take a look at what’s already on the needles. I was going to blog it all at once, but quickly realized that would be silly. Also, embarrassing.

Which brings me to today’s UFO:

My So-Called Scarf 2

My So-Called Scarf
Pattern: My So-Called Scarf from Sheep in the City
Yarn: Araucania Aysen
Needles: US11
Knit For: Myself
Status: Nearly finished with the first skein; probably won’t need all of the 2nd.


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