I seem to be entering one of those creative modes where I have lots of design ideas. The problem being, of course, that I don’t always have the time to knit them….not to mention finishing up all the poor neglected projects languishing about.

This past weekend Mary came to visit, and we went to Imagiknit, where I caved and bought two skeins of Koigu PPPM in the most gorgeous colorway I’ve ever seen. No picture at the moment, but I’m working on what I’m calling my “Cool Blue Ocean Waves” socks.  I have got a bit of tweaking to do on the cuff, but so far it looks great.  I have a few refinements to make on sock two, and a test knitter to coerce into helping me (Hi Mary!) and then I think I’ll be ready to dip  my toe into the waters of knitting design.

Speaking of design, I’ve also got an uber-geeky hat I plan on working up this weekend. It’s a secret for now…but rest assured it’s going to be awesomely geektastic.

I’ve got about 20 other projects percolating away in the back of my brain, but I’m trying to stay a little focused. Alas, it’s so difficult.