The new Knitty is up!

At first pass, I see a lot of cute things.

 Jaden, Marjorie, and Yosemite are definitely going on my Must Knit list. So many cute sweaters–and I think all of them would last more than one season in terms of trendiness (always a concern, since I tend to get distracted and take a while to knit things).

I also like Lace Ribbon, and Saito and Posey are both great, uniques sock patterns. I also love Spirogyra…and San Francisco weather is perfect for light fingerless gloves.

All in all, a great issue. I was a little nervous at first, with three kids patterns in a row–cute stuff, but with no kids to knit for it isn’t very inspiring for me–then I clicked on Jaden and knew I’d love this issue.

Now, I just have to hold off until I finish at least some of the things I have on the needles already (or at least have the yarn for)…

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