Jaywalking Tuesday, Apr 29 2008 

This may come as a shock to some of you but I, as it turns out, can be very stubborn. I don’t like to follow the crowd, so when a pattern takes off, my first instinct is not to make it. Like, say, Clapotis or Fetching. Or Jaywalkers.

Sometimes, though…the more I look at a pattern, the more I realize it’s popular for a very good reason. (And sometimes not so much.) Jaywalkers? Is popular for a very good reason.

I had been working on some plain socks with some yarn, but they came apart in my purse so I decided to try something new. I started playing around with Jaywalkers and I fell–hard. The socks are adorable. The varigation in the yarn is showcased, but doesn’t overwhelmed. The socks are adorable.

I loved this pattern so much that when I realized I need to get started on a pair of socks for my Mom’s birthday, I knew there was only one pattern to use. Oh, yes, I see a lot of Jaywalking in my future.

Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated Thursday, Apr 24 2008 

Yes, I’m still here. Sorry for the lack of blogging. I’ve been feeling a bit homesick lately–I’ve been out here for a year now, and I’m missing my friends and family pretty badly. I’ve also been pulled in a lot of directions creatively, so I’ve found myself picking up and putting down projects without making much progress.

I’ve also decided I need to concentrate on writing more. I don’t devote enough time to it, and I’ve got a number of ideas swirling around that I need to get down on paper.

And, hey, maybe then I can achieve the dream of being a writer, and go find myself a little house in England or somewhere (I said dream, didn’t I?) and go write and knit and completely ignore our political system collapsing under it’s own weight. (When the Wall Street Journal is telling me to hoard food, you know it’s time to get out!)

Why? Wednesday, Apr 16 2008 

Why are arms so long? Seriously, why? You’re knitting merrily along on a sweater, making great time, until…you hit the sleeves. Which proceed to go on forEVER and leave me wondering why because surely my arms aren’t that long, really. (They are.)

In case you were wondering, yes, still knitting on Brilliant Retro. Go sleeves.

(Also, it’s possible I may have been a little distracted by starting a new book. See No Evil, about the CIA and how their spying program is going completely downhill as they focus less on human intelligence. It’s awesome so far, and I highly recommend it.)

Hat Mention! Monday, Apr 14 2008 

So, I’m super excited because my Starbuck’s Mandala Hat is over at GeekCrafts.com! Fun!

Not much knitting–I went to Yuri’s Night this weekend, and ended up with a migraine, so the knitting has been slow. I’m plugging away on the sleeves to Brilliant Retro because I really do want to finish it. But why are arms so LONG?

FO Friday: Sawtooth Skirt Friday, Apr 11 2008 

It finally warmed up enough for the Sawtooth Skirt to make it’s debut yesterday:

sawtooth skirt

It turned out really fantastic! I loved wearing it, it was super comfortable and cute. I got a lot of compliments on it, which was nice.

sawtooth skirt back

I’d definitely consider making this again, and it’s completely changed my view on knitted skirts. More skirts!!!!

An Open Letter to the Weather (Or God or something) Tuesday, Apr 8 2008 

Dear God,

Listen. I know you’re busy. You’ve got hunger and war and the world’s longest election season on your plate, you certainly don’t need to hear from me. But, God, I’ve got a little bone to pick with you.

It’s about the weather. You remember the weather, yes? Last week, how it was all nice and sunny and warm and I could wear short sleeves and frolic. Spring had sprung and I was most grateful.

What changed, God, what changed? This week is cold and blah (Okay, it’s in the 50s, but this is California, damn it!) and generally not conducive to skirt-wearing. This is a problem for me, because I have in my possession a brand-new, just finished Sawtooth Skirt.

Do you know how long it takes to knit a skirt? How much stockinette you must knit, round and round and round in endless circles? How much lace for the edge? And then, then you have to sew the lace on, endless seaming, and more knitting because of course there isn’t enough lace since I got so tired of knitting it. Do you know how long that takes? No, of course you don’t. You’re God. You just point your finger and say “let there be skirt!” and there it is, all shiny and new.

So I ask you God–please. Bring back the warmth. Bring back the sun and the temperatures in the upper 60s. This skirt is FINISHED and it’s not going to wear itself.

No love,


Knitting Blues Monday, Apr 7 2008 

I finished the Sawtooth Skirt this weekend–I love it, it’s gorgeous, and I’m just waiting for the weather to cooperate so I can wear it.

Other than that, I’ve had a lot of knitting blahs. I kpick things up, put them down again–nothing seems to hold my interest. I am trying not to cast on for more projects. I ripped back the Holly Jacket–the yarn I was subbing in just wasn’t working for me. I think I’m going to use it for Snow White instead. Eventually, I’ll try a different yarn for the Holly Jacket, not sure what. Instead of that, I’m working on the Sylph cardigan, which should be cute. I also need to finally finish the cool blue ocean waves socks, and work on Brilliant Retro, which is nearly done. I’ve also been plugging along on the Lace Ribbon Scarf.

But none of it is really exciting me. Oh well. Eventually, this will pass.

Wow! Geeks! Friday, Apr 4 2008 

First of all, hi to all the new folks who’ve found me via Battlestar Galactica links. If any of you are making Starbuck’s Mandala Hats, please share pictures! I would LOVE to see them! This blog isn’t entirely fandom knitting, but I can feel a bit more of that coming on so I hope you’ll stick around.

In other knitting news, I’ve been hopelessly busy this week so there’s not much to report. And I keep falling asleep early before I can take pictures (oops)! I finished the body of the Sawtooth skirt, and have enough edging, I think–I’ll be adding the elastic and sewing it together in class this week.

I’ve also begun the Holly Jacket from the latest Interweave Knits. I’m subbing in Knitpicks yarn, in a pretty shade of green. So far it’s working up nicely, and I’m looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

Oh, and I’m totally psyched for the new Battlestar! I can’t wait!

Dad’s Mismatched Socks Tuesday, Apr 1 2008 

If someone tells you that you can get one pair of men’s socks from just one skein of sock yarn, they are a filthy liar.

Dad's Stripey Sock

The first sock of the pair turned out great.

Dad's Sock--oops, gray

The second….not so much. See that? That’s what happens when you run out of yarn and can’t find a matching gray.

Dad's Mismatched Socks

I’m telling myself it won’t matter since they’ll be hidden by his shoes. And I’m not even sure he’ll notice.

Still. Mismatched socks. Not my finest moment.


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