You know that thing about not buying yarn?


About that…

I had good reasons though! I promise!

Pagewood Farms purple sock yran

How could you not take this gorgeous yarn home with you? So soft. So purple. So elastic. (Seriously. This stuff stretches like woah. GREAT for socks.)

Socks for Seely yarn

And this…well, this I could see leaving on the shelf. But I’ve signed up to do Socks for Seeley on Ravelry, and Bones fans out there know that Seeley loves his bright socks. So this orange seemed like a great bet.

Which, when you think about it, totally justifies the need for the purple. I mean, how long do you think I can knit that orange before my eyes bleed?

See? Totally justified. All of it. So maybe not so bad after all.