I was watching Army Wives last night, and I couldn’t help getting all teary eyed as they showed the families saying goodbye to their soldiers. It hit me pretty hard, because lately I’ve been missing my family a lot. Though obviously, it’s a vastly different situation since I’m not in a dangerous situation, but separation is separation.

The worst thing to me about the economy lately is that I don’t know when I’m going to get to see my family again. I love California, and I don’t regret moving here, but with the economy spiraling out of control, gas prices rising, airline prices rising, and everything just getting so bad, I wonder when–or god forbid, if–I will get to see my parents again.

It makes me so mad–how have we let things get so far out of control? How come we aren’t leaping on alternative fuel and energy sources, how come we aren’t saying hey, it’s time to stop this overconsumption and consumer gluttony? Why, instead of suggesting people live within their means, are we talking about how we can save people who are in debt because they bought things they couldn’t afford in the first place? And I’m not talking about people in debt because of unforseen circumstances or necessary medical care–I’m talking about this idea that you are entitled to a new car every few years, a big house, every electronic gadget that comes out and if you don’t have the money, just put it on credit or get an interest only mortgage. You know what? I don’t feel sorry for you. I don’t.

Here’s the thing: I don’t have a credit card. I never have. And while I’m going to get one at some point, in case of emergencies, the fact is, you can survive. Granted, I live in Oakland not San Francisco. I drive a car that’s over 10 years old. I don’t have designer clothes or designer bags, and I don’t eat out every night or go party all the time. And maybe that makes me dull, but you know what? I’m not lacking. I would be able to go out more, if I didn’t have a book and yarn addiction, but that’s a choice I make. And I’m sick of hearing people whine and moan about how we got to the economy we’re in, while in the next breath talking about how they can’t live without designer clothes or fancy electronics or whatever else it is they need to keep up with the status quo.

What I want? Is an economy where I get to see my parents for the holidays. But somehow, I don’t think that’s going to happen.

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