Something strange happened last night.

I? Did not knit. Not one stitch, not one row. Nothing.

This is pretty unusual. Usually, even when I’m frustrated or uninspired, I’ll pick up something and knit a row or two. But last night, not a single stitch.

This could partly be due to the fact that I finally got my Amazon order and was curled up with my new books, but I think it also has to do with how insanely exhausted I am. I still haven’t recovered fully from the stomach virus I had a week ago–I lost 10 pounds in a week, which is not so easy on my system. Plus, there are a few things up in the air that are causing me some stress, which does not make for a calm and rested Steph.

Alas, I cannot do what I really and curl up into a ball under a blanket and sleep until I’m not tired anymore. But tonight, hopefully, I’ll at least be able to knit a stitch or two.

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