So, lately I’ve found myself in a very strange place. A place with no commuter knitting.

I’m trying to be good-ha!-and finish things up before I start more, but that leaves me in the position of having nothing that I can easily carry in my purse.

Lace Ribbon and the Litha Shawl are both finished except for the weaving in of ends and the possible addition of fringe for the shawl.

Brilliant Retro sleeves are too big to take in a bag, and as I’m knitting them both at the same time, would result in an unbearable tangle of yarn as I attempted to juggle both sleeves and skeins.

Socks for Seely would seem portable, but as they are men’s socks they are just large enough to wind up falling off the needles every time I carry them anywhere.

My Monkey Socks would also seem portable, but the pattern is one I need to look at frequently enough that it isn’t practical.

I’ve been relying on books and podcasts to keep me occupied, but I really need to finish some of these up (as well as the sad line-up of hibernating projects) and cast on something portable! Well, that or get those sock needle protectors. That would help too.

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