So, one of my goals is to actually finish some things, so I used this past weekend to finish knitting the sleeves for Brilliant Retro. Now all that’s left is the seaming.

Brilliant Retro in pieces

I actually got as far as sewing the shoulder seams so the fronts and back are together, but that was late Sunday night, and I was too tired to concentrate properly and decided it was better to just leave it until I was more alert.

Unfortunately, we’re heading into a heat wave which means it’s going to be far too toasty to work on sewing this together or finishing up Tubey, which is my next project. Don’t get me wrong, I love warm weather, but it does put a dent in the knitting if you don’t have AC. At least I have some socks and other small things to work on, but it still kind of sucks. I’m on a finishing roll and I don’t want to stop! But it’s waaaay too warm to have a wool sweater in my lap. Alas.

I’m looking forward to finishing Brilliant Retro, and hoping that it stretches enough and isn’t quite as small as it appears….

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