So, after not one but two failed attempts at other projects this weekend (we’ll talk about those later), I finally threw up my hands and decided it was time to cast on for something new.

Flickering Flames Skirt

This worked out pretty well, since I was called for Jury Duty. That’s pretty terrifying, since they want you to come sit in a room all day with other people and NOT KNIT!! The logic is that knitting needles are dangerous, but I’m pretty sure that the odds of a dangerous criminal stumbling into the jury holding pen, accosting me, stealing my needles, and using them to commit murder are FAR less likely than the odds that I, trapped in a room with lots of undoubtedly annoying people and a lack of reading material (In order to have enough, I would need to carry more books than is advisable, if I like my back. And I do.) and deprived of my knitting, I would go insane and attack someone out of sheer boredom.

Lucky for me, though, I wasn’t needed at the 8:30 am role call. Of course, California can’t be that simple, so instead of being able to go to work after all, I had to wait around to see if I was needed for the afternoon role call. I wasn’t, so I got a day off out of the deal–thanks California!

Flickering Flames close up

I still need to buy larger circs for this, when I reach the increase rounds. The top is only 36″ but it’s a circle skirt, so by the time I get to the bottom, it will be a whopping 200″ in circumference. Yikes! It’s a pretty easy knit, though, and fun. I’m not doing this on any sort of timeline, so I’m just going to enjoy working on it when I have the chance.

It’s a gorgeous skirt, and I’m really looking forward to having it. It’s part of my Wheel of the Year projects, for esbats. I always wind up wearing jeans to circle because, well, I live in jeans, but it feels kind of blah. I’ve had a tough time finding skirts I like, and this has just that floaty, ethereal quality that I’m looking for. I imagine I’ll be brainstorming some similar skirts once this is done; I like the idea of a floaty lace skirt, and I think I’ll sew up a pretty underskirt (maybe satin?) to wear underneath.

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