No, seriously, where are they?

So, when I first started reading about Wicca and paganism, I went online. It was cheaper than a bookstore, and there was no need to explain to my parents why I was carrying around a book with a picture of a witch on the front. Not that they would have been mad, but I never really felt like dealing with the thinly veiled skepticism and condescension that they are humoring their strange daughter that comes up any time religion is brought up. (Still don’t, but at least now all I have to do to escape is hang up the phone.)

Now, this was back in the early to mid 1990s, so the internet was awash with geocities and aol pages filled with stuff. This was pre-blog, so rather than focusing on personal journeys, most of these were packed with information–spells, deities, rituals, traditions. They were also packed with animated .gifs, hard to read red text on black backgrounds, and those god-awful midis that played obnoxious music and top volume and didn’t have an off switch, but it was the 90s, so I’m willing to overlook that.

As I’ve found my way onto this path once again, I find myself wondering–where did all this go? I look and I find some blogs, which are great, but they focus almost entirely on personal journeys or news. The only information seems to be on the few geocities style pages that are still hanging around, and nobody who is used to the current incarnation of the Internet is going to be able to stomach those for more than five seconds, much less take them seriously.

So…where is everyone? Where’s the information? Sure, there are more books than ever but not everyone can buy books. It’s expensive, they take up space, people may live with others who don’t accept their path, or maybe they just aren’t to that point yet. So, are they just being left with a great void? Personal journeys and blogs are great, but when you’re trying to get started it can be frustrating to see people along the path and be stuck want to scream, but HOW DID YOU GET THERE!?!

Maybe I’m missing something, and there is some vast treasure trove of up-to-date, non-black background, non-midi, non-animated-.gif website out there that everyone knows about but me. Or maybe there isn’t.  Maybe I should start one.  Is there a need for this, or is it just me?

And someone please tell me, where have all the pagans gone?

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