I hate gauge swatches. Let’s not beat around the bush here. I hate them. I hate wasting time knitting a tiny square when I want to start a sweater. I hate trying to find a clean, flat surface and a tape measure for measuring them, and I don’t tend to wash them because I re-wind them and use the yarn to knit the actual object with.

But sometimes, gauge is good. I’m knitting the Wheat-Ear Cable Yoke Sweater for Mabon, and I love the design. I also lucked out–I happened to have a sweater’s worth of light toffee colored yarn that fits the season and design perfectly in my stash, so no need to buy yarn!

I swatched on the suggested needle sizes–too big. No big deal, I figured I’d drop down a needle size and cast on and knit merrily away. (You know where this is heading, don’t you?)

Wheat-Ear Yoke Sweater, take 1

Looks like a normal sweater back, doesn’t it? Well…yeah. About that. It looks like a normal sweater back, but looks can be deceiving. My gauge is still slightly off stitch-wise, and my row gauge is off by about an inch and a half. Yikes! So I looked at the sweater. I debated. I wondered if a 36″ sweater really would be too much ease. (Yes. It would.)
I ripped back.

I’ve cast on again, this time using US6s as the largest needle. Which also means I’ll have to scrounge up a set of US4s at some point, since I’m using my Denise set, which doesn’t go down that far. Luckily, it’s a pretty quick and easy knit, but I’m still a tad peeved at myself for having to do it twice.

Plus, I think the cat was mocking me.

Fred is not fat, he's fluffy.

He looks suspiciously amused, doesn’t he? Silly fat Fred, he has no idea he’s about to be put on a kitty diet and exercise regime….poor boy.

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