So,  a while back I finished my Wheat-Ear Yoke Pullover. I promised pictures, but didn’t quite get around to posting them. So when my Mom and I decided to go to Golden Gate Park, it seemed like a good time to take some.

Wheat Ear Cable Yoke Pullover

I love the way the sweater turned out, but when I went to take a photo, tragedy struck.

Oh noes!

See that? It’s a HOLE in my SWEATER. The same sweater that is one of my favorites and I’ve only worn twice. I’m not sure when it happened; my guess is on one of the insanely crowded buses we took.

Obviously, I want to fix this, but the darning tutorials I’ve found scare the crap out of me. Does anyone have any recs for user-friendly darning tutorials? Or even a local yarn store that might be able to fix it for me? If I wind up ruining this sweater, I think I might cry.

So, knitters…help? Please?

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