I know, washcloths are a rather contested subject in the knitting world. Worth it, or a waste of time? I say worth it, at least to use as face cloths–they feel better on my skin than the storebougt ones. I’m also hoping they last a litle longer, since the cheap ones I buy get washed once eand look like someone chewed on them. (Then again, knowing my cats, maybe someone did.)

Plus, my mother thinks they’re cute and wanted some for Christmas.


After slogging away on sweaters, I was inĀ  the mood for a quick knit last Sunday. This lace waschloth only took one afternoon. I used Sugar and Cream cotton on size 8 needles. I’ve got another, coordinating one that I didn’t photograph yet, and I’m planning on wrapping them up with some nice shampoo and conditioner from Lush, for a luxury bath gift. Because even though I’m pro-washcloth, giving them alone just seems kind of silly.

Tarot Card of the Day: Five of Pentacles

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