So, I know I’m a bit late to the party, but I did want to post some pictures from my Imbolc celebrations. Aside from the CAYA event, I tried to carve out some time to do something at home. I was hoping to have cleaned my apartment, and be able to do a home blessing, but…well…


I dusted off my altar, and actually rearranged it for Imbolc.  I really like it, but I’m facing the reality that storing all my supplies in a box and bags underneath is not going to be a realistic option for much longer. I’m thinking a trip to Ikea might be in order–I want to get some spice jars for what appears to be the beginning of an herb collection, and maybe a shelf of some sort for books and things.

Imbolc altar

I also wanted to cook something special. Since the theme for Imbolc appears to be dairy, this was a little difficult for me! :) I finally settled on pasta with salmon in “cream” sauce.

Salmon pasta

I also made a dairy-free version of the Gooey Butter Cake in my calendar. It turned out really well, and I think it would taste even better if it were topped with fresh berries, or maybe some sort of berry and liquor combo (raspberries soaked in brandy, perhaps?),

Gooey "butter" cake

I love holidays and my family was always the one that made a big deal out of all of them, so making a concetrated effort to so do something for all the Sabbats this year is  super important to me. It’s easy to flake, on them and say oh it’s just me and the cats, what’s the point. But really, why  not? I have to cook and eat anyway, so I might as well make an effort.

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