It’s possible, as people who know me may have noticed, that I may have a slight addiction to handwork. It’s really very difficult for me to sit still and not be working on something, and I enjoy the fact that more and more of the things I own are ones that very carefully made (by me, my friends, or other indie artists) and not mass-produced in some third world country.

But, sometimes having all of these hobbies can get a little spendy. Yes, there is cheap yarn out there, but the reality is that a lot of them aren’t going to look or feel as nice and I’m not going to put hours and hours into knitting something I won’t wear. The same goes for sewing: I have to really love the fabric. So, with economic times being what they are, I picked up an older hobby of mine, and quickly determined that it is THE perfect recssion hobby.

I give you–cross stitch.

Jefferson Memorial Cross Stitch

So, here’s the thing. I get why cross stitch gets a bad rap. It was the first craft I learned, becuase it was what my Mom did. But the patterns? Not so hot. I’m not into country scenes of cutesy kitchens, or bible verses. But now, there’s a lot more out there. Mystic Stitch and Shinysun Cross Stitch both have some incredibly gorgeous fantasy paterns, as well as some great art and photography turned into charts. Plus, with Photoshop, designing your own pattern is easy too–turn a photograph into a design, or do some snarky text.

But here’s where it gets really good–cross stitch is both cheap and time consuming. The charts are the most expensive supply, but $15 isn’t so bad when you realize it’ll take a couple of months to complete. And the floss? I bought about 30 colors for the Jefferson Memorial design in the picture, and I think it cost me all of $11.

And when it’s done, you’ve got some great art for your walls. I don’t know about you, but my walls are looking kinda bare, and it would be nice to have some pretty things to hang up.

So–cross stitch as the official recession hobby. Who’s with me?

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