In addition to my daily one-card Tarot reading, which is blogge here and on Twitter, I also do a weekly reading for the week ahead. It’s a simple, six-card reading that looks at various aspects of life. This week, for the “works” card, I drew Death.

And promptly freaked out.

Now, I know that Death does not mean death. It usually means change, but in this economy, that’s scary enough all on it’s own. Never mind that my outcome card was The Moon, and that my message from the Universe card was the Ten of Cups. Both good cards–well, okay, The Moon can be tricky, but I like to think that she and I are on fairly good terms. Hello, it’s Death.

After I talked myself down, I started to think and meditate on Death, and on change. For someone who makes major decisions based on gut-feeling (I’m switching schools! I’m moving cross-country!) I really don’t like change. I like comfort. I don’t like to move around a lot, or deal with new environments (one of the reasons I don’t have roommates), and I like routine. But what kind of change does Death bring?

It’s not change like The Tower. It’s not that sudden crumbling of the foundations of your life and beliefs. It’s not the Wheel of Fortune, either. The Wheel is change, but it’s that slower, inexorable change that is shaped by your own decisions.

Then it became clear. Death isn’t about the reaper coming for you; it’s about you becoming the reaper. Death is the opportunity to make the changes you need to make in your own life and personality. To put an end to the things that aren’t working. I’ve been thinking a lot about Ostara in the past few days, and planting metaphors have cropped up (ha! cropped!) so I’ m going to further belabor that symbolism and say that death is like weeding. If you have a garden, you have to weed it (or so I hear, I don’t actually have a garden). If you don’t, the weeds take over and choke out the flowers.

Death is like that. What  do I need to cut out before it chokes me off? Insecurity? Fear? Doubt? Deeply ingrained desires to fade into the background? That’s what Death is asking–what am I going to reap?

Tarot Card of the Day: Ace of Pentacles

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