Yes, I know I’m a little late with this one.

This weekend was full of Beltane festivities–a wedding on Friday morning, then Amazon Beltane Friday night, during which we heard the happy news that it was time to welcome Raspberry to the world! A big congratulations to Ladybug on her new baby, who already has so many people so happy to know he’s here. Then, Saturday was CAYA Beltane, and then I kinda collapsed.

It’s a little strange. Beltane isn’t a huge holiday for me normally. It’s all about love and sexiness, and as someone who is perpetually single and not especially sexy, I really don’t feel like it has much relation to my life most of the time. But it was good, and both rituals were amazing.

I also finally set up my Beltane altar:

Beltane Altar

It’s very pink.

I also made some Beltane oil. It’s got a very spring, vintage-y floral feel to it. It makes me want to find a great ’40s style dress and ooze glamour.

Yes, this oil-making could become a new hobby, very easily.

In other news, I’ve been frantically cleaning so I can have people over this weekend. Plus, I’m getting busier and busier with CAYA stuff, and it really would make life much easier. I just have to stick with it…