Amazingly enough for a knitting blog, today I have–actual knitting content! Astonishing, I know. But it seems my knitting mojo has returned with a vengence.

A week or so ago, I dug into my basket of deeply hibernating projects and pulled out my Origami Wrap Cardigan. I love the pattern, but I got a little burnt out after the first few rows. Because the body is knit seamlessly in one piece and it’s a wrap sweater, those first few rows take quite a long time! I think I managed 4 rows in 2 hours at one point.

Origami Wrap Cardigan

But this weekend, I picked it up again and whipped right through the rest of the body. I’m a little concerned about having enough yarn for the sleeves. I’m partially into the first sleeve, and I’m seriously doubting that I’ll have enough to make it through sleeve number two. I’m using Artfibers Phyz, and I’m hoping that Artfibers will have more in a similar dyelot that I can get ahold of if I run out. If all else fails, I suppose I can turn it into a short sleeved sweater, but I’d hate to rip that much out.

I’m not sure where the motivation to work on this came from, exactly. It’s very pink, which is unusual, and it’s a little girlier than my usual style. But given the amount of products involving honey and rose that I’ve bought or thought about buying in theĀ  past three days alone, I’m thinking that this one has Aphrodite’s fingerprints alllll over it.

But hey, at least I’m getting some things finished, right?

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