It’s possible, just possible, that I thought my stash-busting efforts as of late—two sweaters worth of yarn down–deserved a slight lapse in my non-yarn-buying vow.

A tiny lapse, really. Itty-bitty. Miniscule.

Malabrigo Organic Cotton

You see, I had gone to Sweet Adeline’s last Saturday for Knit-One-One’s Saturday knitting group, and one of the women was working on the infamous February Lady Sweater in Malabrigo’s new organic cotton. I’m still not a fan of the February Lady Sweater, at least for myself (I’m fairly certain it requires a bit of boobage to hang properly, and would just make me look like I’m getting a little chubby) the yarn was amazing. So soft for cotton, and a great color that managed to be muted without being pastel.

You see where this is going, don’t you?

I stopped by Article Pract on Memorial Day weekend, and I had to pick some up. I went with the yellow–not my usual choice, but I’m trying to accumulate sweaters in different colors, for those days where I stand in front of my closet wondering why everything I own is green, purple, black, or red.  It reminds me of buttercups, and I’m already plotting to make Kira K’s Eyelet Twist Pullover. It’s a great, versatile looking sweater, and I’m already referring to the project as Princess Buttercup in my head.

(Now, if only I can get someone to say “As you wish…” then I’ll be all set.)