If you’d asked me a year ago what deities I’d see myself working with, I probably would have told you the Celtic pantheon. Cerridwen, Arianrhod, Brigid. The Morrigan.

I would not have mentioned the Greeks, really, and I certainly wouldn’t have mentioned Dionysus or Aphrodite.

Funny how the Universe likes to pull little tricks on you like that.

Dionysus began showing up in my life around Beltane. I resisted him and his party-God ways (for some reason, he always looks kind of like a horned frat boy in my head) but eventually decided to make nice and let him. (He is the God of theater after all, and I am a screenwriting type.) With rules of course, and an understanding that Gods like him and girls like me didn’t really seem like a good idea.

He didn’t mention he’d be bringing friends, but that’s really a story for another time.

So, I set up my Dionysus altar.

Dionysus Altar

It’s pretty simple, in my kitchen, with some wine and bread and a candle. The silver pitcher is one that I got at a Finding Your Diety workshop at Pantheacon…which I totally dismissed because why on earth would I work with Dionysus? Haha, universe. Haha.

I’ve also been working with Athena as a Goddess of wisdom and inspiration. As part of my CAYA training, I have to work with a deity associated with each element, and Athena is my air Goddess, so she gets a little altar of her own.

Athena Altar

The owl is one that belonged to my grandmother; she collected them and I really love this little guy. I’m trying to help set a writing routine of lighting the candle and burning some orange blossom incense, but I’ve gotten a little out of practice and need to catch up.

So those are more of my altars. Sometimes, I find myself wondering if I’m really meant to work with certain deities. How do I know? How can I be sure?

Yesterday, the Universe conveniently handed me a sign that I think Dionysus might be sticking around. I suddenly found msyelf with a bunch of phone/IM messages from people–turns out Dionysus must have been lurking in the aisles of Goodwill yesterday, because Thora found the most awesome set of Dionysus dishes that she snagged for me!

Dionysus Dishes

Dionysus Dishes close-up

They are so pretty! I love that the ivy and grape motif is there, but subtle. And it works out perfectly because I’ve been meaning to get new dishes for a while but haven’t found anything I liked. I LOVE these, and I’m pretty sure Dionysus does too! I’m so grateful to have this confirm what I’m doing, and even more grateful to have such amazingly awesome friends.