New post, new blog Friday, Jul 24 2009 

New post up over on the brand new blog:

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Thankful Thursday 7/9/09 Thursday, Jul 9 2009 

I really needed to sit down and think about this today, and I’m glad that  I have!

I am thankful for:

* Amazing friends, and so many of them that there is almost always someone to email or hang out with.

* Books! Wonderful books borrowed from a friend to indulge my passion for information.

* The fact that even if I don’t know quite what to do with my life, it is because I am blessed to have so many paths open to me.

* That summer is winding down and heading towards fall; between Midsummer and Samhain is my  favorite time of year and I revel in it.’

* That it’s almost Friday, and soon I will finally get a quiet weekend.

FO: Bulky Calbed Cardigan Monday, Jul 6 2009 

Another finished object! Actually, this one was mostly finished a few weeks ago, but I still needed to find buttons. I finally managed to find some buttons–they look like bunches of grapes!–just in time to add buttons before heading to the 4th of July.

FO: Bulky Cable Cardigan

(Those of you in warm climates are probably wondering what on earth I needed with a warm sweater in July. We watched fireworks at the Berkeley Marina, and I had the sweater on, plus a leather jacket, plus a borrowed scarf and I was still freezing. Next year, blankets and gloves for me!)

The pattern is Glampyre’s Bulky Green Cables, and the yarn is Knitpicks Wool of the Andes Bulky in Emerald. Overall, I really like how it turned out. I didn’t get gauge, so I faked it by knitting a larger size and it worked out fairly well. It seems a little snug, but that is likely more to do with me thinking I’m smaller than I am.

I also noticed that the bulky Wool of the Andes seems softer than the worsted. I would never be able to wear the worsted next to my skin, but the bulky isn’t too bad. It’s a little itchy, but I find that to be true of pretty much any wool outside of pure cashemere, so I wouldn’t use me as a reliable source on itchiness.  As for the pattern, it manages to be cute and fitted and not add too much weight, even though it’s knit from such bulky yarn. I can definitely see this one becoming a staple.

Not much knitting Thursday, Jul 2 2009 

I feel like I should have some great progress to update, but really, I haven’t got much of anything done.

Lately, my evenings go like this. Come home. Put in DVD/turn on any halfway decent summer TV. Pick up Princess Buttercup and knit a row, quickly. Knit a second row, somewhat more slowly. Knit a third row, barely finishing. Put down kniting. Turn down volume on TV. Lie down, just for a minute…Wake up at 11, drag myself off to bed for actual sleep.

I have no idea why I’m so tired.

Plus, I’m still kind of in a haze. I worked all of last week, got up early to get on a plane, crammed a bunch of site-seeing into two hours that night and two hours the next morning, went to the Current NYC meetup which was fun, but also work, then got on a plane the next day and flew back, getting home just in time to try to apologize profusely to the kittens, crash, and then get up and go to work. Which has been crazy.

Twitch. Twitch, twitch. I’d be looking forward to a relaxing three day weekend, but I have ritual Friday night, a party (fun! but not hibernating!) on Saturday night, and a CAYA meeting on Sunday. I should have some time to get some introvert time in, and hopefully some cleaning. I have some ideas hibernating in my mind, but they require me having a clean apartment. Meh.

Maybe I should start doing yoga again. Maybe that will help…


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