Cool Blue Waves Friday, Feb 29 2008 

In addition to the mystery project in the last post, I’ve also been working up a sock design, hereby christened “Cool Blue Ocean Waves Socks.”

pretty waves

So far, they’re looking really fantastic!

Clues Thursday, Feb 28 2008 

So, what was that blue yarn for anyway, you ask?

Let me preface this by saying I am, in fact, a geek. A rather large geek, actually. And I’ve been dragging my heels on it, but one of my pet projects has been to do a bunch of designs inspired by TV shows and characters.

Well, I’m finally taking the plunge.

So what am I making? Here’s a clue:

primary colors

Not enough? Here’s another:

Life here began out there.

Got a guess? Let me know!

I’ll be so blue just thinking about you Sunday, Feb 24 2008 

Do you know what this is?

the last blue yarn evar

This is the last skein of primary blue yarn in the greater bay area.

I’m not kidding.

I have a plan. It’s a simple plan, really, for which I need red, yellow, and blue yarn. Bright, primary colors.

Apparently, however, blue is not in this season. At least not primary blue.

There is lilac-blue. There is teal. There is turquoise or blue-green. There is grey-blue, navy blue, Carolina blue, sky blue, dusky blue, or ocean blue.

But there is no primary blue.

I finally spied this one last skein, lonely and forlorn, hidden away at Article Pract. I pounced upon it, clinging desperately to my yarn. It’s mine, all mine, this lovely blue.

Heaven on a Roll Tuesday, Feb 12 2008 

Recently, I found a very dangerous blog. The Pioneer Woman Cooks is full of incredibly delicious looking, extremely fattening, wonderful recipes.

Also, sometime there are pictures of cute cowboys.

In chaps.

….Okay, I’m back now. Sorry about that.

After spending days scrolling through recipes and drooling slightly, I finally broke down and made Marlboro Man’s Favorite Sandwich.

Best Steak Sandwich Ever

Let me tell you, it lived up to the comments! I have never had a steak sandwich this good. I barely stopped myself from standing over the pan and eating the entire batch of steak and onions with a spoon, that’s how good it was.

But I was good, and now I have leftovers for lunch. (If I can keep some of my coworkers from stealing it, that is…but I think she was going to cave and make her own.)

Make this sandwich. I’m not kidding. You will die. It is THAT GOOD. If you have a date to make it for, s/he will love you forever. Feed your friends and inspire lifelong loyalty. I promise, you won’t regret it.

Resolve Friday, Feb 8 2008 

No matter how tempted I am, no matter how frustrated I’ve been with my knitting this week, I absolutely cannot go home and cast on for a new project.


I swear.

No Knitting Thursday, Feb 7 2008 

Amazingly enough, I haven’t done much knitting. I’m working on the latest commuter sock when I can grab a seat on BART, but at nights I’ve been rather drained, and just end up picking up projects and putting them back down.

I’m frustrated and stressed about some things, so maybe that’s part of it? Most of it’s silly and not even worth stressing over at this point, so I need to snap out of it.

I’d plan on getting some knitting done tonight, but I’m not sure that knitting and Lost really mix. I have to concentrate too much on Lost–though I do have Clapotis for mindless knitting. Or I might do what I’ve been thinking about and declare Thursday manicure nights and paint my nails while I’m watching instead.

New Home Sunday, Jan 13 2008 

Hi y’all!

Welcome to my new blog home. Clearly, I’m still getting things up and running–about page, I’m looking at you–but I think this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

Actual knitting-related posts will commence shortly.

Swatch! Monday, Jan 7 2008 

I’ve finished my swatch for Secret of the Stole II. No picture, as I haven’t blocked it yet.

I think I may end up going down a size to US1s. I tried on US3s, but this yarn is so freakin’ fine. It’s more cobweb weight than laceweight, really. It’s beautiful, but so very very fine. The swatch on 3s is just so lacey.

Unfortunately, if I need to use US1s, that means another trip to the LYS to pick up some more Addi Lace needles. And, despite the yarn diet, I am incapable of walking out of there without buying something.

I’m sticking to sock yarn–everyone knows sock yarn doesn’t count–but still! This weekend I bought a skein of the new Noro sock yarn. It’s gorgeous, but I’m amazed at how wide the stripes are. I’m used to self-striping yarns having a much narrower repeat-it’ll be interesting to see how the socks turn out.

Knitting Ambitions Friday, Dec 28 2007 

Something about the New Year always sets off knitting ambitions for me. I’m already thinking about Christmas 2008, since I didn’t do holiday knits this year, and of course I have a lot of just-because things I want to make.

I am trying to be good and not stash-enhance for a few months, unless it’s for a gift. So I have to get all my yarn-buying for me in before Jan 1!

I’ve got a bunch of things going right now–two of my co-workers are heading to New Hampshire for the primary next week, and I’m hoping to finish some quick hats for at least one of them, though hopefully I can get two done.

I’ve also caved and signed up for Secret of the Stole II, which means I need to go buy some laceweight on Saturday, as all mine is in 800-1100 yard batches, and I need 1500 yards.

There are a lot of shifting priorities on the needles, but hopefully I’ll get the knitting–and the rest of my life–organized in the new year.

Rip It Saturday, Dec 22 2007 

Nothing says happy Friday like unraveling slightly less than half a Clapotis knit with double-stranded laceweight yarn.

(In the future I will remember that lifelines are not for losers with no sense of adventure. I will also remember not to leave my knitting in places where it will get knocked on the floor/sat on/shoved under a couch, thus causing a dozen stitches to drop so far down as to be irretrievable.)

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