Channeling My Inner Hippie Wednesday, Jan 17 2007 

After a spending a couple of weeks at my parents house relaxing, it’s been tough getting back into the swing of things. Especially since I’m not a student anymore.

I did enjoy the break–and I even coaxed Fred onto my lap once or twice:
But now that I’m back in DC, reality is intruding.

Most of my time has been spent job hunting. I’m looking for jobs all over, but I’m mainly interested in staying here or moving to San Francisco. I’m spending a lot of time looking at job ads on Craigslist and in newspapers, and writing cover letters. Also, studiously avoiding looking at any statistics which suggests that it can take up to TWO YEARS after graduation to find a job.
In addition to the job hunt, I have resolved to clean my apartment. First of all because I am embarrassed to have anyone over, which makes for a very sad social life, and second of all because if I do move it would be nice to be able to pack relatively quickly.

Yesterday, I channeled my inner hippie, and embarked on my first foray into natural cleaning products by attempting to use baking soda and vinegar to unclog my bathtub drain. See, last time my drain clogged I tried Draino, but it was still clogged and I had to call maitenance, and my building manager told me not to use Draino or try to unclog my own drain.

Now, while this is good in theory, I don’t want to have to call maitenance all the freaking time. But I’d feel bad if I did use Draino, didn’t tell them and ended up having to call them anyway and it splashed in someone’s eye or something. So baking soda and vinegar it is.

It did work, at least somewhat, but I think I’ll have to do it three or four more times to really get at the clog. I did have fun watching it foam up–and felt very sad that I never got the opportunity to make baking soda and vinegar volcanos for science class as a child (my school sucked like that).

Well, I’m off for a job interview (fingers crossed) and then my mother is visiting. Even though I just saw her.


Vote for Fred and Padma! Friday, Oct 20 2006 

Ok, no knitting content, because real life ate me.

BUT..I do have a teeny, tiny favor to ask you, my blog readers.

Vote for Fred and Padma!

WJLA is having a contest for cute pets–and I could win a trip to Seattle!

So please, vote, and tell your friends to vote too!


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