FO: Cherie Amour Wednesday, Oct 31 2007 

It’s done!!!!

Cherie Amour

My Cherie Amour is finished, and I really like it. I was concerned with the armholes being too tight, but after I wore it for an hour, they loosened up and felt fine.

Cherie Amour Back

It fits great, and I got a ton of compliments on it at work. There were a few pattern issues I wish I had known about, but I guess that’s what I get for being one of the early group of knitters.

It’s a great fit, great sweater, and I’ll definitely be making it again in different colors.

Cherie Amour Monday, Oct 29 2007 

This weekend I seamed Cherie Amour.

While a beautiful sweater, this didn’t go as well as I would have hoped. The shoulder seams are tight–really tight. They have to hit at my upper arms, because they’re too small to go around my shoulders.

The sleeves themselves are also too long,and bunch unflatteringly if pushed up to my wrists.

I might try to wear it like this–it looks fine, but doesn’t feel great–because I really don’t want to rip the sleeves and do them again, but I may have to.

Just Keep Knitting (Project Update) Tuesday, Oct 23 2007 

Some days I feel like Dory–just keep knitting, just keep knitting.

I’ve been teased (slightly) for the sock which is always at the ready in my bag, but some days knitting on the commute is the only way I hang on to my sanity. It’s a very zen-like thing for me, and I could use that, especially with my parents getting into town on Friday, and my apartment not anything near what they consider habitable.

I finished the sleeves for Cherie Amour and blocked it, but completely forgot to take pictures. The next step is sewing the sleeves in–my least favorite part, though at least I’ve already woven in all my ends.

I also ordered the yarn for Butterfly online. The LYS I went to only has 10 balls of any color of Noro, and I need 11. Since I wasn’t interested in a substitution–I waited until I could afford Kureyon to make this sweater, damn it, I’m making it with Kureyon–and they didn’t seem interested in working with me to get the right number of skeins in one dyelot, I went online.

Tubey is inching along, but looks super cute so far.

The commuter sock is already past the gusset increases, and I’m working on the foot. Hooray!

Baudelaire has been woefully ignored since I cast on. I just haven’t had the time to really focus on it, and it’s my first toe-up sock, so I really need to focus.

I’m not casting on for anything else until these are finished. I swear.

Cherie Amour Body Tuesday, Oct 16 2007 

I’ve finished the body of Cherie Amour!

Cherie Amour Body Front

I mostly like the way it looks, but I’d make a few changes. Namely, I think I’d go up a size (or 2) through the ribbing, then drop back to the smallest size through the chest. I’d also rechart the neck decreases, as I found that really counterintuitive, and probably make it a little longer.

Cherie Amour Body Side

That said, I’m really happy with how it’s turning out. It’s a super quick knit, and very cute!

I Think I Have Startitis Tuesday, Oct 2 2007 

Sizzle? Is still on the needles, just inches, mere inches, away from being bound off. Then all I have to do is finish it.

Cherie Amour? Again, inches away from finishing the body, then I will only have sleeves and finishing.

So what do I do?

I cast on for Tubey, of course!

See the thing is–lest you think I am just a fickle knitter–the thing is that Sizzle and Cherie Amour are not, at this point, public transit friendly. They require charts, measuring, counting repeats.

Tubey? Is 19″ of stockinette on size US8s. No danger of running out of project. No danger of needing to measure (for a while) or count or remember how many repeats I’ve done.

Besides, it’s a really cute sweater.

Quick Cherie Amour Post Monday, Oct 1 2007 

Last night I worked on Cherie Amour:

Cherie Amour Front

I was so distracted by Cold Case and the re-living of my high school years through the music in the episode (Semi-Sonic! Dishwalla! Goo Goo Dolls! Everclear!) that I completely spaced on the part where it said, continue in pattern until armhole measures 6″ so I’ll need to go back and do that on the left front.

Looking at the picture, it’s looking really small. I’m hoping the ribbing stretches…a lot. I think it will, though.

I also watched part of Jurassic Park last night. It was a very nostalgia filled night for me. Jurassic Park, I have to say, played a pretty defining role in who I am.

I was, surprisingly enough, an excessively girly child. I had long hair and wore dresses and was quiet and sweet and all of those things that girls are told to be. Everyone told me that I would hate this movie. It was too bloody and scary and gross. I wouldn’t make it through.

When I finally saw it? Best. Thing. EVAR.

It was fantastic. This was COOL. And there was Sattler, who was kick-ass and smart and a girl and who had great lines like “Dinosaurs…eat man, woman inherits the Earth.” And Malcolm, who I maybe had a little bit of a crush on, because did I mention I like geeky? I couldn’t have told you which one of those characters I was more in love with, but that movie was probably the start of my slide into becoming a massively geeky feminist.

Also? There were velociraptors. And who doesn’t love raptors?

Perhaps I Am a Tad Obsessive Sunday, Sep 30 2007 

Admittedly, I seem to have a bit of an obsessive personality. This can be good and it can be bad.

Things to remember:

  • iTunes is not going anywhere. It is not necessary to download every single song that has ever appeared on Grey’s Anatomy in one day. They will still be there later, and I will not have a heart attack from the bill.
  • Just because the book says it will teach you beginning programming in 24 hours, that does not mean those hours must be consecutive.
  • If you’re stalled on Cherie Amour because you can’t find your size 9 Denise tips, perhaps the solution is not to go to the store and buy more needles, but instead to clean your apartment until you locate them.

On that note, it’s time for me to head to out to run errands (yes, that includes buying the aforementioned needles). Just as soon as I finish this chapter….

WTF Madness Monday, Sep 24 2007 

I’m almost ready to start Cherie Amour, so I’ve decided the world needs a Cherie Amour KAL. So, I started one. If you’re thinking of knitting Cherie Amour, or you’ve already started, please join! It’s a no-pressure, non-deadline sort of knitalong, so don’t feel like you have to be at any specific point in your knitting to join.

Aside from that, I haven’t gotten too much knitting done. I did get some done on Friday, as I took my lunch break at a temporary park set up in a parking spot outside my office. They had mini golf!

Park(ing) Day 1

Park(ing) Day

I then proceeded to crash early on Friday, waking up at my desk after doing a faceplant into a not-so thrilling chapter on using CSS (I caved and bought a better book that lays things out in a way that makes sense to me after that.) and creating drop-down menus.

Saturday was the worst Saturday in the history of Saturdays, and I’m not going to speak of it. Suffice to say, I was afraid to pick up my knitting, for fear I’d accidentally strangle myself or one of the cats, or perhaps take an eye out with a needle.

Today was WTF madness. I finished two WTF cross stitch pieces for co-workers, while watching Remember the Titans for probably, oh, the 5th or 6th time because I cannot turn that movie off, and the season premiere of Cold Case (Please! Bring back the messy up-do for Lilly…) which was rather anti-climactic given the season finale cliff hanger.



I still need to make at least one more, probably more. I also finished the chart for the first customized design that I’m working on. Lots of cross stitch. It’s fun, though, and I’m getting faster. Soon I’ll be able to do the WTF design in my sleep.

Nearly Complete Sizzle Friday, Sep 21 2007 

After doing some knitting on BART and Muni today, I’ve nearly finished the front of Sizzle.

Sizzle Front 3

I started the neckline at 13″ instead of 12″ because only in my wildest dreams do I have the cleavage necessary for a V-neck that plunging.

Of course, now I’m at that awkward stage where I’m close enough to being done that I can’t really take it on public transit (I’m not going to try to measure, graft, or seam on a train) but it’s still not quite done.

In my world, of course, that means I have permission to start a new project. So I took a break tonight to wind the first hank of my handpainted yarn into a ball.

Cherie Amour Yarn

The yarn’s definitely quite a bit different than it seemed on the site–I almost wish I had gone with something pinker, but I need more brown sweaters too, so is is good. Even if it doesn’t kill the urge to knit something in an insanely girly pink.

Treasure Ahoy! Thursday, Sep 20 2007 

Avast, ye mateys! There be treasure in these parts.


This be the yarn for me Cherie Amour!

O’ course, what be treasure without rum?

So drink up, me hearties, yo ho, it’s a pirate’s life for me!

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