So, I’ve been seeing everyone’s posts about Rhinebeck in the blogosphere, and can I just say how jealous I am?

I keep saying I’ll get to Rhinebeck, but somehow I never make it. It’s not even that expensive–I have relatives in upstate NY that I could stay with, so I wouldn’t even have to pay for a hotel (I think they’re close enough to stay with, anyway, I’m not exactly sure where Rhinebeck is in relation to, well, anything.) and it’s not that far.

But, once again, I am here, doing homework and working instead of fondling fiber and staring at sheep and famous bloggers.

I’ve been trying to rationalize it. I’m broke, I don’t have a job lined up for after graduation, and I have enough yarn for 3 people.

Seriously. It’s obscene, the amount of yarn I own.

Next year? I’m totally going to Rhinebeck.