I realize it has been way too long since I’ve updated. I like to think I have valid excuses, but mostly I’ve been kind of lazy.

My current excuse for the lack of blogging is the fact that I’ve been visiting my parents, who are among the tiny part of the population that still uses AOL and dial-up. Which means I’m vastly behind on everything Internet related, since a photo-heavy blog takes twenty or more minutes to load.

Yet they still insist that their Internet is just fine. If only they would get dial-up, then they would see the light.

I’m writing this from my friend Kelly’s, where we are ringing in the New Year by watching the ball drop on TV. Because it’s pouring down rain outside, and who really wants to go out in that? She’s back from walking her dog now, so I should go and be sociable, but I wanted to update the blog!

Oh, and for anyone who is wondering, I almost finished the Christmas knitting. My Dad ended up receiving one sock instead of a pair–I have to finish sock number two, and I’m a bit afraid we’ll run out of yarn.

More later (with pictures from my shiny new digital camera! I have entered the digital age!) and a Happy New Year to you all!