It’s Been a While Monday, May 28 2007 

Hasn’t it? Sorry about the lack of updating. I planned to have this entry be about my progress on my new project and graduation, but I have so much to catch up on, I think I’ll do that next time.

I vanished into the depths of a cross-country move. It’s all kind of a blur to me, but I’ll try to hit the highlights.

Before I left I managed to spend some more time with my friends:

And squeeze in one more Grey’s Anatomy marathon.

I ended up packing at the last minute, confusing both cats.

Who were less than happy about being shoved into a carrier for six days in a row.

Wyoming was much prettier than I remembered.

And we didn’t get quite as lost in Salt Lake City this time.

Beyond that–I lost money in Reno, was so exhausted that I fell into bed each night without knitting a stitch, and my apartment is still nothing but a pile of unpacked boxes.

I’m Alive! Friday, Apr 13 2007 

I bet y’all have forgotten about me, haven’t you?

Long story short, I’ve been away from the internet because of the move.

My Mom came with me to help me move–and because she likes road trips–and we drove cross-country from Virginia to California in six days! I could say a lot about the trip, but for now I’ll just say that Nebraska was rainy, Wyoming was pretty, Nevada was empty, and I-80 from Tahoe to Sacramento was terrifying.

I arrived only to find out that my new building–NOT wired for cable!! So I have DSL, which takes a while to get turned on, apparently, and I’m getting satellite set up on Monday. I’ve never had either before, so we’ll see how it goes.

I’ve also started work, and I only my furniture the day before I started, so I haven’t had any time to knit at all. But my co-workers are discussing instituing a knitting night, so I’m super excited.

Right now, it’s off to the unpacking for me, so that I can stop living out of boxes and suitcase.

A New Challenge Tuesday, Mar 27 2007 

Can one girl pack her apartment in just 2 days?

Will she be ready for the movers when they show up on Thursday?

Will the cats accidentally get packed in a box?

Only time will tell.

Idea Frustration Sunday, Mar 25 2007 

I’ve been in a crafting rut for a few weeks.

So why is it that all of a sudden I have all of these ideas? Right when I have to be packing my entire life into boxes and hauling it 3,000 miles cross-country?

Thanks, universe.

Packing Saturday, Mar 24 2007 

My life consists of nothing but packing boxes.

Endless packing of boxes.

More updates later.

Flashback to SNOW DAYS Tuesday, Mar 6 2007 

I’m already missing the lovely, spring-like weather of last week. But it’s still better than the weather we had before that!

The snow outside was very pretty.

And of course I took the opportunity to wear my lovely knitted items! This is the finished version of the Patons Scarf:

My Mom was visiting, too, and she wore her new scarf and an easy hat I crocheted out of Patons SWS. Mary created the pattern, and the hats are super cute!

I admit–I have a very Lorelai Gilmore reaction to the first snow (she is my role model, after all) and I had to go outside to catch a snowflake or two.

But, as pretty as it is, snow has the unfortunate property of being COLD.

I’m ready for spring.

Redneck Woman Sunday, Mar 4 2007 

The weather here can’t make up it’s mind. Last week it was snowing, then a few days ago it was so hot I was wearing this:

Living proof that you can take the girl out of the south, but you can’t take the south out of the girl.

What was I doing in my redneck gear?


Because I am moving to….

San Francisco!!!

I’m really excited, and more than a little bit nervous.

The worst part is the packing–I hate packing all of my stuff up. Here’s the first box:

Doesn’t it look so sad and lonely, getting ready to move 3,000 miles away?

Needless to say, this doesn’t leave a whole lot of time for knitting, but I promise I’ll have things to show you soon.

Channeling My Inner Hippie Wednesday, Jan 17 2007 

After a spending a couple of weeks at my parents house relaxing, it’s been tough getting back into the swing of things. Especially since I’m not a student anymore.

I did enjoy the break–and I even coaxed Fred onto my lap once or twice:
But now that I’m back in DC, reality is intruding.

Most of my time has been spent job hunting. I’m looking for jobs all over, but I’m mainly interested in staying here or moving to San Francisco. I’m spending a lot of time looking at job ads on Craigslist and in newspapers, and writing cover letters. Also, studiously avoiding looking at any statistics which suggests that it can take up to TWO YEARS after graduation to find a job.
In addition to the job hunt, I have resolved to clean my apartment. First of all because I am embarrassed to have anyone over, which makes for a very sad social life, and second of all because if I do move it would be nice to be able to pack relatively quickly.

Yesterday, I channeled my inner hippie, and embarked on my first foray into natural cleaning products by attempting to use baking soda and vinegar to unclog my bathtub drain. See, last time my drain clogged I tried Draino, but it was still clogged and I had to call maitenance, and my building manager told me not to use Draino or try to unclog my own drain.

Now, while this is good in theory, I don’t want to have to call maitenance all the freaking time. But I’d feel bad if I did use Draino, didn’t tell them and ended up having to call them anyway and it splashed in someone’s eye or something. So baking soda and vinegar it is.

It did work, at least somewhat, but I think I’ll have to do it three or four more times to really get at the clog. I did have fun watching it foam up–and felt very sad that I never got the opportunity to make baking soda and vinegar volcanos for science class as a child (my school sucked like that).

Well, I’m off for a job interview (fingers crossed) and then my mother is visiting. Even though I just saw her.


Desserts for Desperation Monday, Jan 15 2007 

I got the idea for the following dessert from Dooce and tweaked it a little. Rather than making the Oh My God Our Plumbing’s Fucked Cookie, I went for the Holy Shit I’ve Graduated and I’m Unemployed Cookie.

Yeah, reality’s hitting me in the butt right about now.

So, Friday night, as I was contemplating going out with friends before I realized, oh yeah, I HAVE NO MONEY, I made this instead.

Step One: Bake cookies. If you’re ambitious you’ll do this from scratch. If you’re me, you’ll get some of the refrigerated dough where you can break off and bake as many cookies as you like.

Step 2: Find and locate Chocolate Peanut Butter. Yes. It’s peanut butter and chocolate and it’s all mixed together for you! It’s the height of laziness.

It tastes really good, too.

Step 3: Find caramel sauce. Wonder how long caramel has been in the refrigerator. Ah well. Caramel sauce doesn’t go bad, right? RIGHT?

Step 4: Spread cookie with chocolate peanut butter. And maybe take a spoonful for yourself too. It’s that good.

Step Five: Drizzle caramel on top. Try to prevent caramel from dripping over already disasterous kitchen. Fail miserably.

Step Six: Top with second cookie.

For those of you who keep ice cream or whipped cream in the house, that would make an excellen topping for this. My can of soy whip was looking awfully sketchy, though, so I settled for this instead.

Step Seven: Lie on couch, groaning about how that was entirely too rich and you shouldn’t have eaten it. Then get up and make another.

Rock the Vote Tuesday, Nov 7 2006 

I know, I know, not another non-knitting post.

This one is important, though.

Today is Election Day in the US, and I want to encourage everyone to get out there and VOTE!

It doesn’t matter who you vote for, just that you vote.

I know it’s difficult, unlike a lot of countries, the US doesn’t make Election Day a national holiday, so people have to deal with trying to vote before or after work or taking time off, not to mention long lines at polling places and new voting systems in many places.

But it’s worth it. This is your chance to impact the future of the country. So, please, please vote.

In addition, a bit more for Virginia voters:

1) There have been reports of voter suppression and intimidation in Virginia–people in heavily Democratic areas getting phone calls telling them they are registered in another state and will be arrested if they show up to vote, or that their polling place has moved to a new, inconvenient location. THESE ARE NOT TRUE!

You know if you live in Virginia or not, and even if there were some mistake and you weren’t registered, you would NOT be prosecuted for showing up to vote! As for voting location, check with the State Board of Elections for your polling place.

2) I’ll engage in a bit of partisanship here and encourage everyone to vote No to the Virginia Marriage Amendment. Even if you don’t support gay-marriage, this amendment is worded in such a way that it could nullify agreements between ALL unmarried couples–gay or straight. Same-sex marriage is already illegal in Virginia–voting for this amendment will only add languge to the state constitution that deprives people of their rights and could have a much wider impact than most people realize.

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